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Sandra Fluke stars in new ‘Vote No on 6’ ad

Sandra Fluke, the women’s health care advocate who gained notoriety after being called a “slut” by Rush Limbaugh, is the star of the latest web ad from the “Vote No on 6” campaign. In the ad, Fluke urges Florida voters to reject the proposed constitutional amendment that eliminate privacy rights that protect a woman's right to chose to abort a fetus.

The "Vote No on 6" campaign continues to tie Gov. Rick Scott to the initiative and says it amounts to meddling in a woman's health choices. Proponents say of Amendment 6 say they just want to bring Florida in line with federal law on the use of public funds for abortions and ensure that parents must give permission before a child seeks an abortion.

“Amendment 6 could get in the way of a woman making her basic health care decisions along with her doctor and her family, and it would put politicians like Rick Scott right in the middle of basic healthcare,” Fluke says in the 90-second spot.

Learn more about Amendment 6 and the other proposed amendments on the November ballot here.