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Scott accidentally gives out adult phone line for meningitis hotline

During today's meeting of the Florida Cabinet, Gov. Rick Scott gave a routine update on the fungal meningitis outbreak in the state. But rather than direct people to the meningitis hotline, he transposed two numbers and instead directed callers to an “adult” phone line.

The mix-up was first reported by public radio and Herald/Times news partner, WUSF, when it posted the number as part of its web story. But a reader notified them that the number did not connect to the state department of health but to an adult hot line with a greeting that begins "Hello boys, thank you for calling me on my anniversary."

A spokesperson for Scott said the governor had an incorrect number in his copy of the briefing report. Thirty minutes into the Cabinet meeting, the governor corrected himself and read the correct number: 866-523-7339.


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Scott's had the wrong number for the last two years.


Hmmm ...

Scott has been reconstructing the Department of Health and getting rid of a bunch of overpaid, unnecessary, crony-hired bureaucrats, who accumulated and proliferated like mold under prior administrations.

So which disgruntled bureaucrat "accidentally" fed the Governor the bogus phone number?

You've got to know that whoever it was knew about the embarrassment problem with this close phone number.

Tom Reynolds

what is going on in this state ? Lesbo affairs in the lt govs office and sex line talk in the govs office ! canon , hairball, trasher caught in rpof lies and false criminal reports (greer mess)Dorworthless spending money given by companies he votes on , hookers , cc fraud and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on ............................ WAKE UP VOTERS ,I CAN't VOTE THEM OUT MYSELF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

felix el gato

"Yeah, that's it. I transposed two numbers".


ahahahahahahahaha - breathe - hahahahahahahah snort snort ahshshhahahahahah

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