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Scott gets big day with Fox cable guys, National Review and CNBC

FoxnewsGov. Rick Scott travels to New York City today where he'll get some air time with Fox News host Neil Cavuto, in an interview scheduled at 4:15 p.m.

Before that, he is scheduled to meet with Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes and Fox political commentator Dana Perino.

Later in the afternoon, Scott is scheduled to meet with Rich Lowry, editor of the conservative National Review, and have dinner with CNBC anchor Joe Kernen at Campangnola Restaurant, the five-start place on NYC's Upper East Side.


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Robert Jenkins

The guidelines, to any subject matter has already been submitted by the Governor's office, to Fox News; as to which questions can be ask. The "big" one is of course; the latest scandel involving the Republican Party of Floriduh's involvement in fraudulent voter registration. That will not be discussed in any way shape or form; unless, it's to say "We" found it out and then "We" fixed it. Which "really" isn't true. Only after questioned on the matter was action taken. The RPOF was given a 24 hour window to act, before any action was taken.

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