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SEIU targets David Rivera, boosts Joe Garcia in radio spot

From a press release:

Miami, FL – The 55,000 Florida members and retirees of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) this week launched a new $160,000 radio ad in the race for the 26th Congressional District that will run for the final three weeks of the election cycle.

The ad, narrated by Marjorie Craig, who is a nurse from Kendall and an SEIU member, highlights the difference between Tea Party extremist Rep. David Rivera and Joe Garcia on the critically important issue of Medicare. The ad also closes with a push for early voting with begins Saturday, October 27.

“I have seen with my own eyes how important a strong Medicare safety net is for our seniors and our communities here in South Florida so I know that we need to send Joe Garcia to Congress to make sure that the program stays strong,” said Marjorie Craig. “David Rivera is out of touch, wanting to end Medicare as we know it by supporting the extremist plan proposed by Paul Ryan. But Floridians will have the last say and we will send Joe Garcia to Congress and Barack Obama back to the White House so we can keep Florida moving forward.”

A copy of “Every Day,” which will air in the Miami area, can be heard here:

 Marjorie: "My name is Marjorie and I’m a nurse from Kendall. Every day I talk to patients concerned about their Medicare.

"They’ve earned their Medicare, but now Republicans like David Rivera are trying to end the Medicare guarantee.

"David Rivera voted for the Republican plan that would make seniors pay sixty-four hundred dollars a year more, and uses the money to give millionaires another tax cut.

"That’s why I’m supporting Joe Garcia for Congress.

"Joe Garcia knows you’ve earned your Medicare…and he’ll stand with President Obama to stop the Republicans from taking it away.

"'President Obama appointed Joe Garcia to serve in his administration, so we can count on him to fight for us.

"Joe Garcia has President Obama’s back, but first he needs our vote.

"I hope you’ll join Florida healthcare workers and support Joe Garcia for Congress.

"Early voting begins October twenty-seventh.

"Announcer:  Paid for by SEIU COPE,, which is responsible for the content of this advertisement. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee."