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Sen. Rubio's daughter in stable condition following automobile crash

The 12-year-old daughter of Sen. Marco Rubio was hospitalized Saturday after being injured in a traffic accident in Miami, according to a statement released by the senator's office.

"Senator Rubio's daughter was involved in a motor vehicle accident earlier today in Miami. She was airlifted to Miami Children's hospital. She is in stable condition. Senator Rubio was notified of the accident after coming off stage while campaigning with Governor Romney in Kissimmee, Florida. He is en route to Miami," said the statement.

Romney's motocade proceeded down I-4 toward Tampa until near Seffner, where it stopped so Rubio could leave. He was seen getting into a Florida state trooper's car.

Rubio was scheduled to campaign with Romney in Land O'Lakes Saturday night.

Details of the accident involving Amanda Rubio are not known at this time.

Rubio and his wife, Jeanette, have four children.




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My prayers are with her, the medical team and the family.

Joan He

God bless her and the Rubio family.




Our prays are with you and your family.




Sorry to hear the troubling news. Praying for the Rubio's family and prompt recuperation of their daughter.


prayers for a quick recovery,,,

God be with you all

Mike and Deb Marimelli

God comfort and support the Rubio family in this troubled time and always.
The Marinelli's

Glenda Rambo

Prayers going up!


Our prayers are with you, Rubio family. All will be fine.

Pamela Allen

A prayer to Amanda Rubio for a swift recovery.


This is a reminder of how important it is to be praying for our leaders and their families. I have prayed for a complete recovery for Amanda and for strength for the Rubios.

Doctor Lock

I read she was airlifted as a result of a concussion sustained from the crash which occurs offten during roll overs when the vehicles roof collapses in on the victims head. It also said she was in stable condition which is to say that if all goes well she will be alright, but with any head injury involving coo contra coo or sub dura hematoma a high risk of brain swelling exsists if pressure isn't relieved by a craniotomy.

joe blow

keep in mind Rubio has the best insurance due to being in Congress.
while it's good the kid is ok, REMEMBER INEPTO RUBIO and his FASCIST Republican buddies would DENY THAT SAME CARE TO YOUR KID.
Vote OBAMA and straight ticket Democrat. Republicans are nothing more than THIEVES wearing suits!

Jim and Barbara

Barbara and I pray for the Rubios and for our country

Howard Stein

We hope for a speedy recovery for Amanda and the best for your family, Senator and Mrs. Rubio.

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