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With favorable FL polls, Romney heads to Miami on Wednesday (Obama, Clinton in Orlando Monday)

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is heading to the University of Miami on Wednesday, according to the campaign.

The Romney visit will come just three days after a Miami Herald poll showed President Obama's numbers aren't where they need to be in Miami-Dade, Florida's most-populous county, County if he wants to carry the Sunshine State.

To win Florida, Obama needs a big lead in Miami-Dade, where Democrats outnumber Republicans by 15 percentage points, 44-29 percent. Obama won Miami-Dade by a 16-point margin in 2008.

A Sunday Miami Herald poll, however, shows Obama is only winning Miami-Dade by 9 percentage points. As of Sunday morning, after the first day of in-person early voting, Democrats narrowly led Republicans in all 153,000 ballots (absentee and in-person) cast, 42-40 percent in Miami-Dade.

Romney's strategy: keep Obama from running up big numbers in Southeast Florida, the most-liberal region of the state. Romney is winning in conservative North Florida and a Tampa Bay Times poll Sunday showed the Republican is carrying the center of the state, nicknamed the I-4 Corridor, 51-45 percent over Obama.

Obama visits the heart of the I-4 Corridor, Orlando, on Monday with former President Bill Clinton. Vice-President Joe Biden will visit some area of the state on Wednesday.

Assuming the schedule holds, Wednesday marks the second time Romney has visited the University of Miami. Florida is must-win for Romney. Obama, who doesn't need Florida as badly as Romney, has visited UM three times this year.



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chas holman

The very second this President took office the country was bleeding 3/4 million jobs a MONTH.

We were into 3 rounds of stimulus with George Bush and he had started the initial auto bailout by the time he was done.

We gave a 'temporary' tax cut (that has thus far cost us 1.5 trillion to the top 5%) in another round of George Bush stimulus. By the time this President assumed office there was talk of the next 'Great Depression'.

In less than 4 years we are showing real recovery and still investing in the future.

Like millions of Americans, I have already cast my ballot for the President, I implore the good people of this great nation to do the same.


This is to all of you who have a strong values system and belief in marriage and family. How could you support any party who has received millions of dollars in donations from Mr.Adelson. He has built his fortune on the backs of gamblers. He said he will spend $100M to get Obama out of office, and has already spent over 60M. Gambling is one of the main causes of divorce, family break-ups, and bankruptcies. Ahh, bankruptcy, one of the Republican's favorite words. As an Independent, I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats, but I don't even recognize this Republican Party of Reagan, Lincoln and T.Roosevelt. Even Teddy Roosevelt was a big business "Trust Buster". The common man doesn't even have a chance with all of these "high rollers"! Adelson wants to build a casino now in Spain, which is almost bankrupt. He will provide all of these jobs if he gets big tax incetives. This person, Grover Norquist and Karl Rove have taken over, and bought and paid for this Republican Party!

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