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After loss, where does David Rivera go from here?

A day after losing his seat to Democrat Joe Garcia, Republican Congressman David Rivera said he has not set future plans.

"I'm going to get with my family and friends and supporters and discuss how I can best continue to contribute to our community's best interests, whether that be in public office or out of public office," he said. "Time will tell."

Rivera blamed his loss on President Barack Obama's coattails.

"I think an analysis of the results demonstrates that the presidential election had a significant impact on several congressional races, including my own," Rivera said.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney under-performed in Miami-Dade compared to John McCain four years ago, Rivera noted.

"It makes it tough for Republicans down ballot to be successful."

Rivera also addressed his party's performance among Hispanics more broadly.

Earlier Wednesday, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Miami Republican who was easily reelected Tuesday, told WLRN-Miami Herald News she was happy she "survived this Republican onslaught."

When asked about her party's appeal to Hispanics, she compared the GOP to addicts who first need to stop denying they have a problem in order to solve it. "We're not admitting, 'Dude, we have a problem,'" she lamented.

Rivera agreed.

"We as a party are at a critical juncture in terms of addressing our support among non-Cuban Hispanics," he said. "Unless we recognize the importance of being more responsive to their concerns, it's going to make it increasingly difficult to elect Republicans in districts with significant non-Cuban Hispanic constituencies."


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How about federal prison? His legal woes aren't going away just because he lost his seat.


Hahahahahaha!!! Oh David... SO many people are rejoicing today that you LOST! Your sins have FINALLY caught up with you. I can't tell you how much I LOVE this! Just think back to everything you have done to other people... and now, you get yours!!! Your next stop... PRISON! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!


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I see federal prison and an orange jumpsuit in David Riveras future. He is a crooked and corrupt politician. When sentencing time comes along I hope the judge will not allow any visits from friends. Allow his family to visit him only once every 3 years. If his family needs to visit him before the 3 years he will not be eligible for parole and will have to serve out his entire sentence.

This man is so full of hate against the Cuban family.

When you can hijack US foreign policy and violate the unconstitutional rights of Americans to travel.

What is rigging an election I guess he thought he could get away with it.

I am really enjoying this in my opinion this guy is the biggest scum bag in Miami. and a disgrace to all Cuban Americans.

Conservative Kat

Hats off to reporter, Patricia Mazzei for reporting the news and the facts without allegations and spins. This is what a good reporter does. This is the job of the media, to report the news not slander, judge and convict in a newspaper.

By the way, can you report about the horrid lines, long wait, and the fiasco that was these elections 2012! It was a zoo out there!

Thanks Ms. Mazzei, you've earned a reader.

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