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Angry emails from weary and embarassed voters flood Rick Scott's inbox

Florida residents have expressed their vitriol with the state’s troublesome elections process in waves in recent days, by firing off thousands of angry emails to Gov. Rick Scott.

From all over the state, Floridians have bombarded the governor’s email address with their voting horror stories, and their embarrassment that Florida was still counting votes long after Pres. Barack Obama was declared the winner of Tuesday’s election.

The messages—and the national ridicule--have not been reflected in Scott's public statements. He maintains that Florida “did the right thing.” Scott did say he would talk to his Sec. of State, Ken Detzner about possible fixes.

The email influx started as early as late October, as the shortened early voting period opened to massive and unprecedented lines that stretched for hours.

Wrote Pamela Snodgrass of Palm Beach County in late October:  “I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely disappointed in your lack of action.  I have tried to do early voting on 3 separate occasions.  Unfortunately,  the minimum wait time was 3 hrs in Palm Beach County (Lantana).  This is ridiculous!!  What are we to expect if we wait till election day?" VotingEmailsRickScott

As the early voting period neared its Saturday deadline and the lines persisted, many voters echoed pleas from top leaders calling on Scott to extend early voting into Sunday.

From Keith Mixon, of Palm Beach County: “Extend the early voting!!!  I am a citizen that takes my right and obligation to vote seriously.  I am not able to wait in line for up to six hours to vote.  This is ridiculous and I understand that you cut the early voting time IN HALF!  What are you thinking!!! OPEN THE POLLS AND EXTEND THE EARLY VOTING!”

Scott denied those pleas, only to see the voting situation in parts of the state deteriorate into unprecedented chaos on Tuesday.

And as the worst day of voting problems occurred—Election Day—voters lit up Scott’s inbox the more, with emails pouring in from those who had been forced to wait in 6-hour lines, and others who watched Florida's troubled voting play out on national television.

Wrote Phil Peterson of Volusia County: “Sir,  It is an embarrassment to Democracy the way you shortened voting days and refused to extend them when necessary. Your attempt at voter suppression is outrageous and I`m sure that Florida voters will suppress there votes for you the next time you run for office.”


Read more emails below:

From: S. Hornsby
County: Hillsborough

Message Body: Dear Governor,

Once again Florida is the laughing stock of the nation due the states complete inability to manage the voting process.  I hold you accountable for this.  What is your office doing to correct the situation and why do we still not have results from an election completed last Tuesday?  I await your response.
From: J. McGrogan
County: Broward

Message Body: I stood in line for 2 hours listening to one voting machine BEEP every time someone tried to use it. It took each person 5 minutes to feed the ballots into the machine while someone stood there resetting it after each page.After 2 hours I was ten people away only to here the machine was down for good,to put our ballots into the slot on top of all the ones that had been scanned.I don't think for one minute someone rescaned all those ballots to see which ones were scaned and which ones were not.Now four days later they don't have them counted.I and many others don't buy the excuse they are giving.They had 4 years to prepare for this,they new how many ballots there would be and should have had more machines THAT WORK and more people to count them.I feel I wasted my time,my vote don't count and I want heads to roll.These people should all be fired and their pay given back to the tax payers.this state has become a embarassment on election day.

From: K. Rainey
County: Hillsborough
Message Body: As our Governor it is urgent that you address the continued issues we have with voting in our wonderful state.  I am tired of being the laughing stock of this country.  Why in the world would you have shortened the early voting when the ballot was the longest in state history?  This needs to be dealt with immediately!!!!


 From: N. Deacy
County: Lee

Message body: What a horrible experience I had yesterday. 3 hours waiting time to vote with one check-out machine at Our Lady Of Light Catholic Church (precinct 121) in South Ft. Myers. This was at 2 pm and the line had doubled by the time I finally was leaving. Many people went home rather than wait in line, so they did not get to vote. 

Due diligence was obviously not done regarding time studies and population movement. I request your resignation and would only hope that the Ft. Myers public does not have to suffer to vote again in 4 years.

A Disgusted Voter,

N. Deacy


From: J. Salberg
County: Lee

Message Body: My husband and I (voting early) waited more than 2 hours to vote. Some of my neighbors waited a lot longer than that.

I believe there were not enough scanners, not enough voting sites, not enough hours, not enough volunteers---and the ballot was too complicated because of the amendments.

I am asking for Sharon Harrington's resignation. I am also suggesting a symposium of FL residents to make suggestions for upcoming years. I would be willing to volunteer for that committee.

The best and brightest of minds in this nation work in government. We should be able to get it right! Again, I am asking for Ms. Harrington's resignation.


From: M. Marc
County: Miami-Dade

Message Body: I think that denying early voting to your constituents is disgraceful! I voted for you and had thousands of others do the same!
I can promise you that when your re-elction time comes I will be sure to work just as hard to make sure your opponent wins!



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A monkey could have done better.


We now have 9 times as many hours to vote as we did just a few years back. What has changed so much to now require what must be an incredible expense of running elections this way? I agree that hours on line is ridiculous, but what, pray tell, has changed so much that even 8 times more hours are not enough? Help, please; surely we can figure this out.

Shirley Munoz

The answer is easy; voter suppression. What we need to do is fire Rick Scott.


What do you expect from a giant penis in a suit? Oh, I forgot, he ditched the suit for a more "casual" polo shirt look....so I will rephrase. What do you expect from a penis in a polo shirt who has the speaking skills of a 6th grader.


You should also take a good hard look at our Republican county mayor Gimenez and county commissioners. I don't recall ANY of them making a fuss about this injustice until AFTER 7pm on election day!


Easy to take care of. VOTE in every election, not just federal elections. Vote the governor out of office.


It's time to impeach Rick Scott and this legislature. He's been a menace since he stole his election. Enough is enough. He's embarrassed the state and the people of this state.

He's a member of United States of ALEC. Watch Bill Moyers show.


Pinkslip you are a disgrace to government. Let me tell you sir when you run for re-election and you put mommy on tv to tell us he's a good boy we will know she lies and like mother like son.Your attempt to supress the vote did not work and you sit by idle and watch voters standing lines for hours. Sir you and alan west are both the a disgrace to government so i have one thing to say goodbye you will never be re-elected. I know you think voters will not come out in the mid-term election but sir you have underestimated the power of the people and you make me sic!!

Randall McMurphy

I think the far more relevant story that you don't even mention is the fact that apparently the governor dick regards the vast majority of the emails in his inbox to be SPAM.

John N Florida

I agree with every derogatory comment about Scott.
So, VOTERS, who did you re-elect to the state legislature?
90% of you voted to return Scott's legislative toadies to their offices.
You had a chance. You threw it away.
2 more years of Scott's agenda - you voted for it.
Look in the mirror as you holler at the IDIOT who helped Scott.

Lee Harrison

I live in New York. My state is often ridiculed as "the Vampire State," but we manage to vote efficiently without any pre-voting at all. I spent two minutes in line at my poling place, it took another 5 to mark the ballot, put it through the scanner. New York got its numbers up efficiently that night without controversy.

Not only are you the laughingstock of the nation, you've become the abject demonstration of what intentional Republican misgovernance is doing to threaten all the citizens of the US with loss of true democracy, and we have no voice to stop your folly.

I hope enough of you waited long enough and are mad enough to see the obvious. Throw these bums out. If you must elect rightists then elect some who can count and will actually do the state's work.

Shon W

This man's blatant attempt at voter suppression is disgusting!! He clearly needs to be voted out of office!

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