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Bum rap for Rubio?

Picture 4Lesson in how things take life on the 'Net.

Take it away, Professor Rubio.

1) Give interview to GQ magazine, list favorite hip hop artists but say of Pitbull, his music is "all party songs."

"There's no message for him, compared to like an Eminem. But look, there's always been a role for that in American music. There's always been a party person, but he's a young guy. You know, maybe as he gets older, he'll reflect in his music more as time goes on. I mean, he's not Tupac. He's not gonna be writing poetry."

2) Watch interview bounces across Twitter, producing headlines such as, TRENDING: Rubio breaks it down: Pitbull is no Eminem (CNN) Florida Senator Marco Rubio Loves Tupac, Hates Pitbull (Fuse); Marco Rubio Tells the Truth (For Once): Pitbull Sucks (Latinorebels); Marco Rubio Starts Rap Beef with Pitbull and Scientists (Miami New Times); and the folks at Power 96 this morning were astir, with one DJ saying Rubio was seeking "street cred."

3) Jump on Twitter to clarify your remarks.

Rubio was also taking some Twitter heat for his answer about how old the Earth is.

-- Alex Leary