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Crist, literally, hovering over Scott (near Mansion)

mm.jpgThose Morgan & Morgan billboards aggressively promote the profile of the law firm's best-known member, former Gov. Charlie Crist.

The "It's about the people" signs have become a ubiquitous presence along I-75 and Florida's Turnpike. But now one has appeared in a most interesting location: a short city block from the Governor's Mansion, of all places.

Talk about product placement! Gov. Rick Scott can't leave "home" without seeing Crist's smiling face towering over him near the corner of Monroe and Brevard streets, a few blocks north of downtown Tallahassee. (Does this strike you as prime advertising territory for an Orlando personal injury law firm?)

Crist, a former Republican, lost an independent bid for the U.S. Senate to Marco Rubio in 2010, and endorsed and campaigned for President Barack Obama's re-election in Florida. Crist appears to be weighing a run for governor, possibly as an independent, in 2014.

In his most recent remarks on the subject, about a week ago, Crist said of his political plans: "I don't know. There's a thought process that has to go into that. I'm not ruling anything in and I'm not ruling anything out." He added: "It's something that you talk to your family about, listen to people, and the community that you live in. I'm going to let the dust settle after this campaign that we've just come through."     

-- Steve Bousquet


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Great psychological move

Irving Schwartz

Rick Scott has been a good Governor despite the hate filled spewing venom of the left leaning scribes of the St. Petersburg Mullet Wrapper. Sure, you have your peanut gallery cheering you on. But I really do hope that Charlie the Human Pander Bear gets the Democrat nomination. It will be fun to watch him go down again.

Timmy Two Toes

If Charlie Crist wins the Democrat nomination, the Tampa Bay Mullet Wrap will trip over itself to hail him as the Messiah.

Big Voice

Charlie Crist, "I'm more conservative than Ronald Reagan" should go over well with the liberal progressives here in Florida. What worries me more are all the RINO Republicans that will secretively support him.

Look for Paula Dockery to emerge as the warm up act in the primary. Her hate for Scott is only equaled by the Pink Slip Rick crowd who never met a Republican they liked.


For the People my butt. It's about $$$ for Morgan and Morgan and all the other sleazy lawyers. More like, getting rich "off the people" !


How does @stevebousquet's story about the Crist billboard near the Gov's mansion amount to news?


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