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Crist says Scott's refusal to extend early voting is 'unconscionable'

Crist on CBSBefore former Gov. Charlie Crist rallied the crowd at President Barack Obama’s final Florida rally on Sunday, he made a guest appearance on CBS4’s Facing South Florida with Jim Defede and did some politicking of his own.

Crist covered the famous hug that first got him in trouble with Republicans, the “unconscionable” decision by Gov. Rick Scott not to extend early voting hours, and his future political plans.

Crist laughed when Defede said his first encounter with Obama was a “hug heard around the world” and recalled how he also
“got a lot of grief from Republicans” when he extended early voting hours in 2008.

“But when you’re governor, you don’t just work for one party or the other you work for the people of the state,’’ Crist said. “I saw the long lines. I saw it was still hot in South Florida, that a lot of senior citizens were waiting in those lines, and I realized it was an emergency situation and people needed to have the opportunity to vote.

“The same thing happened under Gov. Jeb Bush and he extended early voting as well,’’ he said.

“To me it’s just a responsibility and obligation. This is a precious right. It’s a cherished right that people have fought and died for and the notion that you would try to suppress that, and reduce the opportunity for the right to vote whether they vote Republican or Democrat or independent is just unconscionable to me.”

In classic Crist fashion, he refused to directly lay blame on Scott for suppressing the vote but he implied it.

“When you go from 14 days of early voting to 8. When you reduce the number of hours from 120 to about 96, it’s hard to look at it another way,’’ Crist said. I think the people of Florida and this country expect early voting.”

He mentioned that he was campaigning in Ohio Saturday with Sen. John Kerry and Gen. Wesley Clark, he noted that Ohio has early voting and the opportunity for “Souls to the Polls” today but Florida doesn’t.

“The notion that we wouldn’t have the opportunity to do that this Sunday before Election Day is just unconscionable,’’ he said.

Defede asked Crist if Scott has earned a second term.

“I don’t think we know and I think that’s up to the people of Florida,’’ Crist answered.

Crist again denied he’s on a trajectory to run against Scott as a Democrat or independent, but didn’t rule it out.

“I have no plan to do that but, who knows what the future holds,’’ he said. “My political plan right now is to work as hard as I can in the next 48 hours to re-elect Barack Obama and Sen. Nelson and have good representation for the people,” he said.

Isn’t Crist just positioning himself for something?

Crist laughs. “It’s been an opportunity over the past couple of months to get my head bashed in for standing up and doing what I think is right, and for standing up for the principles that I think are important,’’ he said.

Crist was asked for a prediction and he offered up the predictable answer: he thought Obama would win Florida.

Defede reminded the former governor that he predicted McCain would win in 2008 too.

“You don’t always get it right but I thnk it worked out well for the country,’’ Crist said. “I really do.”


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Charlie Underpants

What a clown. An embarrassing clown.


Note to Shucking Chuckles ...

Our ancestors who fought and died for our right to vote did not, I repeat, did not do so for the right to have either:
a) early voting nor
b) more days of early voting nor
c) extended hours on days of early voting nor
d) the right to have "Souls to the Polls" voting operations on the Sunday right before election day (especially given the opportunity to have that on the Sunday of the prior week).

Nor did they fight and die for the right to vote absentee or even absentee-in-person.

And for most of the times they arguably fought and died for the right to vote, whole groups of people didn't even have the right to vote at all.

But I'm pretty sure that Chuckes is real good at re-writing history ... he got a lot of practice while campaigning for and serving as Governor re-writing things he said he would do.

First Last

Charlie Christ = A "Has Been" currently in transition to "MAJOR LOSER"........

chas holman

With there being more people than ever, and people are as busy as ever..

What was the grand wisdom in cutting the days these citizens had to vote in HALF? And why is there such resistance to keep from letting these people vote?

Election after election Florida has YET TO GET ONE RIGHT>. I Mean seriously, borderline criminal. And knowing they have yet to get one right and the nation needs their input, they decided to give not only the voters, but the local processes LESS time?

Whoever is responsible.. if they don't have a darn good reason, not to just Florida but the rest of the nation.. they should be ran out on a rail.. time after time after time it always happens in Florida, always 'something'.. And 'they' go the route of LESS time and organization.. my good gracious Lord.

Safe at home

My exact thought - what a LOSER!


Election fraud by Republicans in Florida is not news, it is a tradition!


I am hoping the Dumbocrats will put someone up against Scott who I can vote for. Charlie Crist is NOT that candidate!

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