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Dems to Scott: Stop meddling

Democrats charged Friday that Gov. Rick Scott is meddling in the U.S. Congressional race between Patrick Murphy and Republican Allen West.

 A judge denied a demand by West, the tea party-based incumbent, for a recount of early voting ballots in St. Lucie County, which makes up the 19th Congressional District along with parts of Palm Beach and Martin counties. Murphy led West by 1,907 votes. Earlier in the week, Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner sent a three-member team to audit the results, according to news reports.

That prompted Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chair of the Democratic National Committee, to issue a statement.

“In a clear effort to overturn an election result after having lost at the ballot box, Allen West has now run to Governor Rick Scott to needlessly interfere with and politicize a non-partisan election process.

"All votes in this election were counted fairly and accurately, and Allen West has lost beyond the mandatory recount range. Having Governor Scott intervene is outrageous and inappropriate. After disenfranchising Florida voters by cutting down early voting days and creating extraordinarily long lines at the polls, Governor Scott is now trying to blatantly overturn an election result he disagreed with and undermine Gertrude Walker, a three-decade veteran of the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections office. Governor Scott needs to remove himself from this process immediately."

That led Chris Cate, the spokesman for Detzner, to issue a response.

Claims that there is any interference by the state in this election are wholly inaccurate and unhelpful to the voters who need to know their votes have been counted accurately. We have a responsibility to ensure Florida’s election laws are interpreted and enforced properly, and our involvement in St. Lucie County has only been observational with the purpose of protecting the voice of the voters and ensuring fair elections were conducted in all of the St. Lucie County races, not just the highest profile contests.



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Can't take anymore

This new generation of Republican/Tea Bagggers hasn't met an election they did not want to steal. Wrapped tightly in the Stars & Stripes, the Bible and some type of mystical invisibility blanket they feel they have the divine right to absolutely rule the rest of us. Scott got elected the old fashioned Republican way, he bought the governship while lazy Democrats stayed home by the thousands in South Florida back in 2010.


Dear Debbie,

Just why are you afraid of an audit. An audit will only confirm what you believe to be true ... if it is true.

When you whine about a simple audit, Debbie, it makes you look and sound like you are worried about improprieties having occurred, which might be exposed.

Debbie, are you a complete moron? If Murphy won (which I think he did), then you should welcome an audit.

This is exactly the kind of reaction that feeds the imaginations run-amok of the nutcases on the right ... just as it would those of the nutcases on the left, if the situation and outcome were reversed.

Debbie, are you so naive as to play into the hands of the provocations by your political opponents? The old Democrats--who used to run Florida--would be appalled by your idiocy.


Debbie has never met a partisan conflict she didn't like.
If there is nothing to worry about, she should welcome the audit.
Time for the democratic party to find a fresh mouthpiece.
Debbie seems to erase all of the positive gains the party has made every time she opens her pie hole. Do us all a favor and give it a rest.

joe blow

UNCLE TOM West WON'T be going back to DC unless it's to carry Obama's luggage!
All legal costs will be born by West once his futile effort fails.


Remember all...

Supervisor of Election Gertrude Walker is duly elected constitutional officer who can only be removed by the electorate through the voting process or by a Florida governor if found to be guilty of malfeasance or misfeasance in office. Gov will have to come up with pretty hard evidence to assist Adam West in overturning the results of the election. While the election supervisor can be removed, overturning the results of the election will have to be done by the courts.

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