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From Flori-duh to clusterfu#!3ry, our elections are a running joke

Florida blew its chance to help determine the presidency, but did win a fabulous booby prize: another starring role in many a late-night and Internet punch line.

Jon Stewart, host of the popular Daily Show, looked on the bright side Wednesday night, noting that unlike during the infamous 2000 Bush-Gore race, the entire nation wasn’t waiting on Florida to figure out who won.

“Here’s the good news: The election was decided without them,’’ Stewart said, drawing a rousing cheer from his studio audience. “For once, Florida’s clusterf---ery is irrelevant.’’

He also indelicately compared the state map to a flaccid male organ and, in another nod to the 2000 fiasco, noted the inherent problem of giving “a 10-page novelette state ballot to people who couldn’t handle a [expletive deleted] one-page butterfly ballot.’’

The jokes, naturally, didn’t play quite as well with South Florida elections officials and political leaders.

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John N Florida

When you make a total arse of yourself for the nation to see, don't cry when the 'Jon Stewarts' make fun of you.
This was a fiasco orchestrated in Tallahassee.
This Governor and his staff are as knowledgeable about governing as HE was about preparing accurate Medicare Bills.


Our Governor is a running joke.

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