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George P. Bush's long road to the White House begins with TX bid, donations from FL

Picture 4From an email sent by Miami lawyer/Bush family insider Luis Gazitua to "friends, floridians, Republicans....:'

Tuesday's elections proved that our party needs to broaden our appeal and rebuild in an inclusive manner with a new generation of leaders.

In order to begin this transformation, we must begin investing in rising stars within our party and I am confident that with thoughtful and forward thinking messengers such as Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and George P. Bush we will emerge stronger than ever.

As a friend of George P’s next generation movement, I wanted to let you know that yesterday George created an exploratory committee to begin looking at running for statewide office in Texas. Should you be inclined to support his efforts with some seed capital, checks can be made payable to: George P. Bush Campaign.



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Mazel tov...another Bush another Kennedy

Michael Doll

This is the funniest thing I have heard yet. Denial thy name is Republican. Delusion thy name is the same. No Freaking way will a Bush ever be allowed near the White House, never happen, never.


GW did it for me. I will never ever vote for a Bush again. Of course not all the Bush clan are like GW but lets face it the family could not control GW to not run. And couldn't get Jeb off the fence. Too late, GW did the damage.

Katheryne Hipburn

Oh yes, he'll do it quite well, Dump~O~Crap, Michaelle Dolt, for Sean Connery taugt us to say, "Never EVER Say Never," OO7 snaps props,lol, alongside TP 4 u!



shawn foster

after another bush presidency we'd get a chinese one named bronco bama


We simply cannot afford anymore George Bushes period.


Just because his uncle sucks doesnt mean he will


Wasn't he arrested for stalking an girlfriend in Pinecrest?


Texas is dead set Republican...his Hispanic influence may make him different. I am a Texas Democrat (dying breed) but interested to see what he stands for. He clearly must have learned first hand the mistakes of his family and possibly a state office would give him an opportunity to prove himself. Let's not judge too quickly someone we know nothing about. He's not running for the White House any time soon.

Smart Man

The reason the Republican party is in shambles is because of what Dubya BUsh did for 8 years.

Smart Man

I should add that I left the Republican party after Bush. I am legion.

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