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Gov. Rick Scott not likely to extend early voting

Citing long lines, a former Miami Beach state senator, the Florida Democratic Party and the League of Women Voters of Florida urged Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday to extend early voting.

But don’t expect the effort to go anywhere.

Top Republican officials in Tallahassee said Thursday an extension isn’t needed. And in Miami-Dade, the county with the longest lines, the office of Mayor Carlos Gimenez, a Republican who appoints the elections supervisor, said he has no plans to ask the governor for more time.

The likely result: more long lines for early voters and long lines for Election Day voters on Tuesday.

Other early glitches have been reported, too. Some Broward voters have seen delays in receiving their absentee ballots; the county elections supervisor’s office says every voter who has reported a missing ballot has been mailed another one.

One Broward voter encountered an unexpected wrinkle: She was purged from the voting rolls because she hadn’t voted in so long and because she didn’t respond to certified mail that warned her she would be removed because she had been so inactive, according to the elections office.

But the focus remained on in-person early voting, where voters are still facing three-hour waits at some Miami-Dade polling sites.

More than 3 million Floridians had voted early or by mail through Wednesday evening. Democrats lead in early voting, while Republicans hold the edge in absentee voting.

Between the first day of early voting Saturday and Wednesday, Broward averaged more than 28,400 voters a day. Miami-Dade averaged more than 26,300.


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Charlie Underpants

Poor Miami Dade voters, have to wait in line to vote. Sounds like a first world problem to me.

Just imagine how people in the 3rd world feel, like New Yorkers. They don't even have early voting. Those poor folks.

Peter Schorsch

Please, Gov. Scott, do not extend early voting (your opponents need the issue in 2014!).



Scumbag Republicans disenfranchising Americans who want their voices heard. Sounds about right.


Does anyone remember a time when Florida has had worse, or more corrupt governance? Rick Scott, 2014 will be here soon. We can't wait.

michael wind

posted by patricia mazzei,but the picture of mary ellen klas a friend os corrupt ex miami beach manager,perhaps she should be ex....

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