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Gov. Scott faces biggest challenge over voting chaos

"If there's a problem, you try to solve it," Gov. Rick Scott says.

Well, Governor, here's the problem: Six-hour waiting lines at early voting sites have made Florida a national laughingstock, right at the moment you're pivoting to run for re-election.

That sounds like a problem that needs solving. Immediately. Read Steve Bousquet's column here.

-- Steve Bousquet


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Carl Bickel

IF there's a problem? Get your head out of the sand, Ricky.

Chuck Edelstein

May Scott join W. in the hall of infamy. I will do what I can to see that it happens.


If anyone thinks this voting mess was not done on purpose; doesn't really know Floriduh. With Gov. Scott being so unpopular, thr G.O.P. on immigration, Ryan(he supported lifting the Cuban embargo) being tapped for V.P., and the general perception that the middle class didn't matter as much as the Tea Party; it was a given that Romney would lose Florida. Thus the extreme measures taken by the RPOF. This was a bad gamble for them; they counted on Tea Party support regardless of what they tried to pull. Many who self identify as Tea Party supporters were actually appauled at such flagrent acts of tyranny. I know several who refused to vote for Romney because of this. Many here voted for Gary Johnson!!! One thing I'll bet any takers on is that Rick Scott is a one timer; many say he can't be gone fast enough!!!!

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