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Jeb Bush calls for contributions to help care for former Sen. Ken Plante

Former Gov. Jeb Bush has written a letter to colleagues and friends urging them to contribute to a fund being created to help care for former Sen. Ken Plante.

"Ken's commitment to our state has earned him the respect and admiration of legislators and the media alike, and he is recognized as being a principled leader who stands up for what he believes in, regardless of political implications or fallout,'' Bush wrote in a letter sent out Friday. Plante, a veteran lobbyist, handled legislative affairs for Bush when he was elected governor in 1998.

Plante has been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, ALS, a degenerative disease with no known cure.

Bush said Plante has met the "terrible diagnosis in the way he seems to face all challenges -- with great courage, incredible resolve and unwavering faith.''

He urged friends to contribute to the Kenneth A. Plante Trust Agreement at Capital City Bank to help defray costs of medical treatment and care. Checks may be sent to Sonya Deen, 300 Jim Moran Blvd., Deerfield Beach, 33442.

Deen, lawyer/lobbyist Wilbur Brewton and former Rep. Dale Patchett are trustees of the newly created trust.

-- Lucy Morgan, Tampa Bay Times senior correspondent


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Is John Ellis Bush kidding us or what? Why does former Sen. Ken Plante need public contributions for his MEDICAL care? Don't tell me - this irresponsible leech has gone without health insurance and now expects to mooch off the taxpayers!? Screw him. He has to pay his own way like everyone else with pre-existing conditions and no insurance!

Jacquie Connell

Obviously, besides being heartless, you don't read well. The letter urged "friends" to contribute to the fund. Senator Plante is one of the kindest and most gentile men to be found and I feel quite sure that there are an abundance of friends who will want to do anything in our power to help this wonderful man deal with this terrible disease. Then, those who have never had the privilege of knowing him will have class enough to just read on and anyone like "LC" just need to stay off the site.


One of the things troubling me is the fact that Jeb Bush stepped aside for Mitt Romney in this presidential election. We have President George H.W. Bush. We have George W. Bush. We won't have President Jeb Bush. Bush is the governor of one of the largest states in the Union, Florida. He is well positioned, and the apparatus given to Romney for this election belongs to the Bush family.

james P

Looks like Lc has no clue, maybe do some research and re read what this is about your comment needs to be removed and god should leave you in limbo you heartless brainless terrible person, and chris what does your comment have to do with Ken plante one of the most honest most kind loving caring person the united states and florida has ever had. i want you all to try and find something bad about ken plante, not everyone in politics are evil and roten, sounds like you both might be the exact opposite of Ken plante. And your are forgiven because you know not what you are commenting about, Ken plante has accomplished so many things that should make the most heartless person proud of him. His whole life he has been selfless and you sound like you have been selfish, my heart and prayers and tears go out to Ken plante an honest leader god bless you Ken plante

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