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Ken Detzner to CNN: 'We could have done better'

Secretary of State Ken Detzner, facing a tough grilling from CNN's Ashley Banfield, concedes that "we could have done better ... we will do better" in handling the election in Florida as a growing chorus of voices is openly ridiculing the state for its latest electoral embarrassment. 

Detzner attributed the extarordinarily long lines at early voting sites to the length of the ballot and the fact that a record number of people participated in the election. But under Banfield's questioning, he said it's time for the Legislature to expand the types of early voting sites, beyond elections offices, city halls and libraries.

"Let's talk about the solution," Detzner said. "The solution is that in current Florida law there's a limit on the number of locations that supervisors can use in early voting. We need to take a very serious look at that and open up the number of locations."

Banfield, boring in, demanded Detzner explain why the state didn't anticipate the bottlenecks with  a truncated, eight-day early voting timetable and expand the number of sites.

"Again, we were following the law," Detzner said. "It appears as though now we need to redress the issue regarding the locations. The governor has asked me to look at that issue."  

Banfield concluded the interview with asking Detzner to remind his bos, Gov. Rick Scott, that he needs to "face the music" and appear on CNN to answer for the confusion and chaos at the polls.

-- Steve Bousquet


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Since when does anyone have to go on bended knee to the likes of CNN? Yes, we have election problems which must be addressed, but, sometimes the arrogance of the press is just beyond reason.


Dick Scott will NOT face the music and answer questions on CNN because he is a huge p * U * s * s* Y* Not to mention, there are 3rd graders who have better command of the English language than Gov. Dick does. He is afraid to go on TV because he knows he will come across as a complete and utter douche bag. Plain and simple.

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