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Newbie Jose Javier Rodriguez poised to defeat Alex Diaz de la Portilla

Political newcomer Jose Javier Rodriguez made a strong showing Tuesday against one of Miami-Dade’s most well-known political figures for a seat in the Florida Legislature.

With some polls open late into the night, Rodriguez had a comfortable lead over veteran Republican lawmaker Alex Diaz de la Portilla in the hard-fought battle for state House District 112.

“We were talking to voters everyday,” Rodriguez said. “We really ran a really grassroots campaign. It was never about my opponent. It was never about the partisan battle lines in Tallahassee either.”

In other races, South Floridians opted to send familiar faces back to Tallahassee.

Voters favored incumbent Gwen Margolis over newcomer John Couriel in the closely watched race for Senate District 35.

More on South Florida's other state House and Senate races here.


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Wow! The Diaz de la Portilla political dynasty defeated by a first time candidate?! This is a story that needs to be told. Testament to Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez' broad appeal and to the power of grassroots organizing! It will be very interesting to see what this smart, solid and strategic thinker will be able to do in Tally.


Why was anyone surprised by this? This was always a marginal district and Alex was actively fought by others in the Cuban-American House Caucus because of the disrespectful way he treated them, especially Jose Oliva, a man they support. The gall of the man to recruit candidates against half the delegation, then expect them to sit idly by and let him win.


I feel sorry for the people in district 112. ALEX DIAZ DE LA PORTILLA was the politician that brought more money and created more jobs in South Florida.

WHAT IS A NEWCOMER THAT HAS NEVER BEEN PART OF THIS COMMUNITY WITH NO EXPERIENCE DO FOR US ? Just wait and see how ineffective he is in the Florida Legislature.


Is a Sad day for people in district 112 for those who hoped for a beeter future for theit children. Javier is with Joe Garcia and Obama.



There are no Communists here, not now and not in the forseeable future. Comments like the one by "Mirabal," are so disrespectful and ridiculous in Miami, and in the United States. Get Real!


Great for District 112. It's about time we pluck out the Diaz de la Portilla gang one at a time.

As far as them being with Joe Garcia and Obama? So what? We too are with Obama and Joe Garcia.

Next election hopefully we can get rid of the rest these GOP fools.


we are already beging to see how ineffective The little bald guy is. Javier give it up this is not a game.

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