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UPDATED Positive campaign? Romney gives Obama the Chavez-Castro-Che treatment in Spanish ad

Yesterday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was onstage in Miami talking about the need to unite the country and to stop all the attacks. On Spanish-language TV, though, Romney's campaign was anything but positive.

Since at least Tuesday, his campaign has begun heavily running this ad that links President Barack Obama with Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chávez, Fidel Castro's niece and communist revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara. The campaign, despite repeated requests, didn't furnish the ad. So please pardon the cheap iPhone video recording of (**) the spot that aired three times in one prime time Spanish-language news program Tuesday and at least four times on the same show Wednesday -- including twice in the same commercial break. (**) The campaign has now posted the ad online, below.

The ad was praised Wednesday morning by Spanish-language radio host Ninoska Pérez Castellón on Radio Mambí. U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, a Miami Republican and guest on the show, also touted it, citing a Spanish proverb that loosely translates to, "Tell me who you walk with, and I'll tell you who you are."

But at least one Cuban reader, Raquel Pouget, was outraged and said in an email that the ad is evidence of "corrupt politics. True, people like my father and mother helped build what the city of Miami is today, but, it is unfortunate but also true, that the same infectious style of politics that put Castro in power has germinated in Miami making it a banana republic. I was born in Cuba, raised in the United States, I'm a woman, a Republican and I voted yesterday for President Barack Obama. Proud to say so."

Here's our translation:

NARRATOR: Who supports Barack Obama?

CHAVEZ: "If I were American, I'd vote for Obama."

NARRATOR: Raúl Castro's daughter, Mariela Castro, would vote for Obama.

CASTRO: "I would vote for President Obama."

NARRATOR: And to top it off, Obama's Environmental Protection Agency sent emails for Hispanic Heritage month with a photo of Che Guevara.

CHAVEZ: "If Obama were from Barlovento (a Venezuelan town), he'd vote for Chávez."

ROMNEY: I'm Mitt Romney, and I approve this message.

UPDATE: The Obama campaign has issued a written response to the ad.

"Mitt Romney continues to play Hugo Chavez's game, giving Chavez the attention he thrives on and that he doesn't deserve," said Dan Restrepo, a campaign spokesperson and former special assistant to the president and senior director for western hemisphere affairs on the national security staff. "Keeping America safe and advancing U.S. interests requires the kind of leadership President Obama has provided, not Romney's bluster. The President’s leadership has restored U.S. standing in the Americas to 72 percent in 2011 from 58 percent in 2008 and made us more prosperous and more secure. U.S. exports to Latin America –- which create good-paying Florida jobs -– have increased 50 percent since 2009 and will continue to grow with the Colombia and Panama Free Trade Agreements that President Obama improved and signed into law. Thanks to President Obama's focus on confronting the national security threats facing our country in the Americas, U.S. partnerships with Mexico, Colombia, Central America, and the Caribbean are stronger than ever."

--- with Patricia Mazzei


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Romney's entire campaign has been dirty and dishonest. If he really had good ideas and a good vision for this country he would not need to resort to misleading us into voting for him. If he is lying now he will lie later. He can not be trusted.


Corrupt politics indeed. Would you send a picture of Adolf Hitler as part of a Obama EPA email promo? Che killed more innocent people personally than Hitler did. Adolf preferred to delegate while Che liked getting his hands dirty.

James C.

Do you think Obama types up human resources emails at the EPA? The fact that Romney is trying to create some impression that Obama might secretly be friends with Castro, Chavez or Che just indicates he's worried about Florida.


OMG, Romney should be ashamed of himself

george gonzalez

Stay Classy Romney Campaign.... :-(

joe blow

sad thing is, the CRAZY CUBANS are SO STUPID they buy the Republican CRAP hook, line and sinker and will elect and re-elect these CORRUPT BUMS over and over.
They don't call it FloriDUH for nothing and they don't call S FL a BANANA REPUBLIC for nothing!!!!!!!


Che and Chavez and Obama? In what universe? Che was killed in 1967. Obama was 5 years old and Chavez was 13. Pray tell when and where these three walked together? These people are hoping that nobody figures out that the time line is not there. This attempt to rile the Cuban and Venezuelan voters with tragic historical wounds is nothing more than another cheap attempt to divide the Hispanic community.


Romney is a fcuking scmubag. On what planet would anyone want Mitt Romney to be their President???


I'm still voting for Romney.... rather then Obama who allowed the killing of 4 American in Benghazi.


9/11 occured under GOP rule... 3000 Americans dead
2 unfunded wars under GOP rule... 6500 Americans dead
Corporate welfare occured under GOP rule...
Wall St deregulation occured under GOP rule....
Mortgage collapse occured under GOP rule...
800,000 American jobs lost per month occured under GOP rule....

Nuff said.


Romney for President!

Dr. Robert L. Chacona

Castro & Chavez did not get the Democrat, a la Carter, they hoped for... NOT by a long shot!!

The President has been very tough on Castro, demanding human rights for Cubans and refusing to negotiate with the Castros, even on the Cuban 5 convictions. Romney's business record would lead one to anticipate a, business-centric, GOP unilateral softening as well as other such business-centric human rights compromises from Romney.

The Presidents social policies are far closer to the populism of Jose Martí and the President continues to act in direct opposition to communism in Cuba, Venezuela, China, and elsewhere. Candidate Romney has been all too willing to sacrifice American workers to Chinese jobs for his and his associates’ personal profit. Hispanics, including Cuban Americans well know the differences between a populist president and socialist and communist tyranny.

The President's Christian family values are in line with the religious beliefs of the great majority of Hispanics, including Cubans Americans. Candidate Romney's Mormonism most certainly is not.

Hispanics value patriotism. Candidate Romney evaded the draft, evaded US taxes, and refused to disclose more than two of his tax returns. In comparison, the President's finances and patriotism are unquestionable.

Hispanics are well informed on women’s rights and are strong believers in women’s equality. On women's rights Cuban Americans tend to be as, or more, progressive than most other demographics.

Why do Cuban Americans and other Hispanic "conservatives" simply refuse to recognize how this Democratic president has finally remained true to both general Hispanic, AND core Cuban American aspirations?

They ALL should be voting Obama/Biden!


@Jaime-any time our service people are stationed anywhere other than the US there is a danger of harm. Tell me if Romney became president, would you blame him for every American citizen killed on foreign soil? What about all of those Americans killed in the unnecessary Iraq war? I'll stick with Obama.

Bob Johnson

The Romney campaign is actually paying people to watch interviews of Raul Castro's daughter and Hugo Chavez to find out what they think? Who get's paid to find this stuff?

Rene Gregory

As long as the cubans keep drinking the Fox News-Republican - Conservative kool aid Miami will remain a banana republic. YOu would think they would have learned something from the US but, no. Do they think that a rep administration is going to depose Castro? Lets see, Ford - Reagan - Bush - Bush II, no one did anything to remove Castro. They need to wake up and vote for the Party of the middle class not the rich...but wait, there were no middle class before Castro. All the Cubans that came here had properties, farms, businesees, all rich...that is why the vote repoublican...

El Dirque

Pinche Romney Mentirador.

El Dirque

La verdad no importa Mentirador Romney.

Corey Mondello

School of America's/Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation:"Since 1946, the SOA,(Fort Benning, Georgia) has trained over 64,000 Latin American soldiers in counterinsurgency techniques, sniper training, commando and psychological warfare, military intelligence and interrogation tactics. These graduates have consistently used their skills to wage a war against their own people. Among those targeted by SOA graduates are educators, union organizers, religious workers, student leaders, and others who work for the rights of the poor. Hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans have been tortured, raped, assassinated, “disappeared,” massacred, and forced into refugee by those trained at the, (dubbed by many the) School of Assassins." http://SOAW.org


Your Spanish translation is 100% literal. A better translation would be this: "Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are." Not that tough. Also not a big deal. Still, wanted to point it out.


Is there a higher-quality version of this anywhere? I'd like to know what they say about the "photo of Che Guevara, because that picture is almost surely doctored. I'd have to see a high-res image, but from the looks of it, I could do a better job in my sleep.

professional photographer


Jaime--seriously? Where do you get your news--on FOX? Have you bothered to learn what the facts actually were in Libya? The CIA keeps the State Department and the President informed, and the CIA first reported, even after the President labeled it a terrorist attack, that the killings resulted from demonstrations over the anti-Muslim video that was being protested that day all over the Middle East. The episode itself was over in 24 minutes. How could any military or President respond in that time? You're living in FOX-colored dreamland, my friend. Even the retired general FOX uses on air said these right-wing criticisms of the President over what happened are inaccurate and unfair. Geraldo Rivera, of all people, today said the same. Now, it's time for you and others like you to look at the actual facts--fairly.


President Obama is a peaceful president and I believe if he re-elected he wouldn't open any war. This man has a unique standing when he resisted the war in iraq. How could they relate to Chavez or Castro.Obama brought hope and change to the world. Vote for him because he is honesty and he has integrity. Romney didn't even go to the stormy area while Obama was there comforting people. This is a an indication how those two guys see the world.


Obama is a 'black power' communist. The kind of person who believes 'the worker' drives the economy, that it is 'the worker' behind the big movements forward in the world. It's very sellable, the people, the mob, the collective become captivated by it.
But it is a skewed ideology that fails and has always failed. People like Obama fail to see that it is in fact the independent, the strong individual who moves the world, the same spirit that founded this country. This is why I must vote for Romney.

And Obama's wife is an even bigger 'black power' person. She's very ignorant, and I don't know how she went through Princeton and Harvard Law. Perhaps it was racial quotas or some affirmative action equivalent.


Rigo: You forgot to add how lazy and shiftless the Obamas are, to complete the justification of your racism! Did you attend Princeton or Harvard to gain your "insight" into the Obamas' intellectual ability to complete dgree programs there?

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