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PR firm offers license tag alternative

Unhappy with the license plate redesigns offered by the state, public relations professional and former CFO spokesman Kevin Cate has offered his own.

Alongside squarefactor, a Florida design firm, Cate asked the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to consider his plate, which he says would improve the state's national branding effort.

In-house designers at the state highway agency created four potential plates that are up for a vote at, but Cate said the state can do better.

At the very least, Cate argues, the plate should refer people to, where they can learn about Florida tourism opportunities, businesses and restaurants.

"This is 15 million advertisements driving around the country," Cate said. "This is what everyone sees about your state. It's basic branding."

Here is Cate's offering.

Cate tag

Highway safety spokeswoman Kirsten Olsen-Doolan said the agency is still determining its official response.

Florida is moving to manufacture new license plates that have seven characters instead of six (the state is running out of number combinations) and that are more legible for toll and red light cameras.

This is a new opportunity, Cate said.

"This new design was locally grown, supports tourism and small businesses by including, and better represents our brand on one of the most abundant mediums available to the state," said Cate. "We are happy to donate this design and our future services to improving our license plate at no cost to taxpayers. It's that important to our state's branding."