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Quiet winner of the week: Dem operative Christian Ulvert

Christian UlvertIn the small pool of hot shot Democratic operatives in Florida, Ashley Walker and Steve Schale earned their gold medals well before they led Obama's successful Florida campaigns in 2012 and 2008 respectively. But we'd nominate another big Democratic star in this election cycle who should not be overlooked: Christian Ulvert, who led the Florida House campaigns where the party won nine races and netted five additional seats in the Florida House.

Yes, Ulvert and his candidate benefitted from the terrific Obama GOTV campaign, but he also had an overwheling financial disadvantage agaist the GOP House campaigns and had to make some very tough calls on where to spend and not spend money.

Ulvert (like Schale, a protogee of Dan Gelber) also ran the successful campaigns of state attorney candidate Dave Aronberg, state Sen. Gwen Margolis, as well as a Led Lee County referendum authorizing slot machines at dog track. He led the communications effort for Miami-Dade referendum authorizing $1.1 billion bond for public schools, and was the lead Hispanic consultant for SEIU's statewide Hispanic communications outreach.

-- Adam Smith


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why ask why

Yikes! Are ALL Florida democrats this homely looking?
A face only a mother could love (or maybe a another pug...)
In any case, congrats!

Bill B

Christian is also a fantastic person. One of the few people in politics who excels in both skill and character. Good on him getting some notice.

Joe B

Please do not forget Eric Johnson who
steered Patrick Murphy to a major upset
over 14 million $ Allen West

Omar Fagundo

Congratulation Christian! You did the important work that helped us win! We need a thousand more of you.

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