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Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen to wrap up term as foreign affairs committee chair due to House limits

Top Republicans in Congress on Tuesday recommended a new chairman for the Foreign Affairs Committee, a position to be vacated by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen due to GOP term limits in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Ros-Lehtinen, a Miami Republican, served two years as chairwoman of the powerful committee, and four years as the ranking GOP member -- the maximum six years party rules allow members to remain in committee leadership positions. 

She backed the new chairman, Rep. Ed Royce of California, and told The Miami Herald on Tuesday night that she cherishes the time she had atop the committee.

"It's been a great privilege and a great honor," she said, declaring herself "very happy" about Royce's appointment.

As chairwoman, Ros-Lehtinen has held perhaps the most visible House leadership position among South Florida Republicans. Ros-Lehtinen, who is Cuban-American, has been particularly outspoken on matters regarding Cuba and Latin America, and she has criticized the Obama administration on its policies in the Middle East.

"What a thrill it has been for me to be both the top Republican in the minority, and the top Republican in the majority" at foreign affairs, she said. "It says a lot about the greatness of the country that a naturalized American could be chairing the Foreign Affairs Committee."

Ros-Lehtinen, who was first elected to Congress in 1989, said she looks forward to whatever role Royce gives her in the committee, be it heading a subcommittee or something else.

"Whatever role he sees for me, I will be pleased as punch," the characteristically cheerful Ros-Lehtinen said. "We want to give the new folks, the new kids on the block, a shot at leadership."

She added: "I didn't come to Congress to chair a committee, or for power or prestige. I came to represent my community ... I love this job."

The headline to this post has been changed to more accurately reflect that the congresswoman is only leaving her post due to term limits. 


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Beverly Bachrach

She does love it and does a great job representing her district.


she could have done more for her cuban community had she not been blinded by the community itself...move on cuban-americans.. the world has moved pass the bay of pigs.

Mary Milian

She's been a total waste of space on that committee. By her own admission her accomplishments as Chairperson are: outspoken in matters regarding Cuba, and was critical of the Obama's administration middle east policies. Wow! How can anyone follow that up?

It's about time the DNC set up a new and bright candidate in her district. Ms. Lehtinen is one of the most unacomplished Congress members we've had the misfortune to represent us. Look up her congressional record and see for yourselves. Nothing meaningful and in her 20 years in Congress.


Time to Move on and Lift the Embargo. Let's not be hypocrites.


I'd wish she retire already & give the next generation a chance... also I'm fed up of being in her district for the last 12 years I was happy with being in Carrie Meek's old district from 93-2003... So put me in Joe Garcia's district

Jose Aguirre

Ileana loves Barack Obama. Watch her elbow her way to the aisle seats at State of the Union speeches so she can thrust something in front of our great President for him to autograph for her. She keeps her Mandingo love in the closet but she obviously is impressed and weak kneed over the President especially after hubby Dexter got caught with the lady's of the evening in the Dominican Republic. It will be a god day in South Florida when the Balart boys and Ileana are all "retired" from their representative days. Obamanos!


just by her stating she is a cuban-american lets me and the public know that her heart is with cuba first and the USA second. while shes been around along time all she does is work for cuban rights in america and purely ignores all the rest of the world. shes has wasted a lot of time and should go back to cuba and im sure if cuba fell today she would be on the first boat..... she awful in plain English and does not deserve the recognition because shes ignorant


a complete waste of representation in congress.got her phd on the job.it has been a joyride alright for her.but the folks in her district are obviously happy having her represent them.


Last Sunday on Mike Putnam's show, she made the stupidest statement about the Turkish PM trying to be a big shot regarding Syria, Egypt, Israel and Hammas. The fact that Turkey is a regional player, while the USA continues to interfere in the neighborhood, shows what an ass-clown she is. It's ignorant, arrogant, incompetent blowhards like her who get us in trouble around the world. She should be running a used clothing shop in Little Cuba, not a Congressional sub-committee. The day she leaves Congress will be a boon for the country.


Ileana was my congressperson, and while I vehemently disagreed with her politically, she is an especially pleasant person and very responsive to her constituents.

It is my misfortune to now be represented by Mario Dumbass-Buffoon, the biggest piece of dead wood in Congress. I would be better served being represented by a fence post.

felix el gato

Good riddance.


Another "Career Politician".....


Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is an extremely effective legislator with a long list of bills she has authored or co-authored becoming law. In just the last 2 years serving as Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, 3 of her bills (on Iran/Syria, on North Korea Human Rights, and on Peace Corps reform to protect Peace Corps volunteers who have been victins of rape and sexual abuse) have become law. Not many in either the House or the Senate can make such a claim. This is a testament to her commitment and dedication.


She was and is an AIPAC shill and Israeli spy on foreign affairs matters. We need an American in there for a change.

carl J. Hounshell

20+ years of single issue representation. What a waste!
R. Hounshell Tallahassee/Miami


Voters and taxpayers need to be reminded how FBI agents were caught committing voter fraud in Cincinnati.
We brought the man who was committing voter fraud for the taxpayer funded FBI agents in that city to speak at our local college after he blew the whistle on voter fraud.
He told the audience FBI agents are committing voter fraud throughout the country.
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She was working for Israel racial and biblical nonsense and not for the USA -not for Cuba's freedom.- Good riddance.

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