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Soon to be ex-Broward Sheriff Lamberti shows interest in DOC job

Republican Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti who lost the November election to Democrat Scott Israel has expressed interest in the Secretary position at the state Department of Corrections. Secretary Ken Tucker recently announced that he was retiring.

"The sheriff had expressed interest to Steve Casey [executive director]  at the Sheriff's Association about the DOC job," said Jackie Schutz, a spokeswoman for Gov. Rick Scott.

Casey provided Lamberti's bio and contact information to Scott's office last week and Casey provided Lamberti's resume last night. However Scott's office hasn't asked Lamberti to interview for any position.

"We haven't had any direct contact over this issue" with Lamberti, Schutz said. 

Lamberti did not respond to a text asking him about his interest in the position. Lamberti has worked for the Broward Sheriff's Office for decades and rose through the ranks until then Gov. Charlie Crist appointed him in 2007 to replace Ken Jenne who went to prison. Lamberti beat Israel in 2008 when about 50,000 Broward voters skipped the sheriff's race on their ballot. When Lamberti lost this year, about 29,000 voters skipped that race.

The Sentinel's Broward Politics blog previously reported on Lamberti angling for the job.



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Al Lamberti should be IN the DOC - not running it - for his payoffs from people like Scott Rothstein who under his watch got a ride in a BSO patrol car to his get-a-way jet.

Skyler Thornton

Are you kidding? Lamberti wants his buddy Gov. Scott to appoint him for DOC. What a joke! Lamberti should go to prison - just like what happened to Ken Jenne. Lamberti is no better and would be a huge mistake to appoint him to this type of a position.

Milton Bershefsky

Lamberti is toast. Did he actually think he could perform all those arch-criminal maneuvers without being found out? Cast him off to the netherworld.

Pete Long

Al Lamberti would make a better transportation captain. Sure he's famous for helping fleeing felon Scott Rothstein to escape but more recently he had a deal with Debbie Wasserman Schultz to provide her with airport pickups. While such a protection deal would be the duty of a federal agency not BSO that didn't stop the two of them and in return, Debbie Wasserman Schultz through her support behind republican Lamberti instead of the democratic candidate. Who do they think they're fooling?

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