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The Economist cover story headline: "Now, hug a Republican"

The Economist chimes in on Obama's victory with its cover story...

This past Tuesday, Barack Obama won his bid for re-election and by a larger margin than many expected.  The Economist's cover  this week argues that he must now swallow his pride and work with the Republicans. The leader also explores how a budget deal would help the president, his opponents, his country and the world. The cover: "Now, hug a Republican."

Economist cover


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Yes after winning back to back national elections with 53 and 51 percent of the vote. Barack Obama should agree with Boehner's call to institute Romney's economic plans. Makes sense to me.

By the way in the 57 Presidential elecctions where votes were counted only 30 times has the winner garnered 50% of the vote. Obama did it twice. He should do what he promised: raise taxes on those making over $250k.


I think the President has already shown his willingness to work with anybody, as long as he is getting the job done. This is what the American people recognize and that is why even people who have traditionally voted Republican cast their ballot for him.

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