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Updated results: Patrick Murphy defeats Allen West, avoids automatic recount

As Florida elections results were updated overnight, Democrat Patrick Murphy's lead over Republican Rep. Allen West widened and Murphy now appears to have defeated West by 50.4 percent to 49.6 percent -- a wide enough margin to avoid a recount.

Recounts are triggered by a margin within 0.5 percent.

We've updated our online story on South Florida congressional races to reflect the new results:

Another Republican incumbent, Rep. Allen West of Palm Beach Gardens, appeared to lose to Democrat Patrick Murphy by 2,456 votes in the early hours of Wednesday. Murphy got 50.4 percent of the vote to West’s 49.6 percent.

In District 18, there are still hundreds provisional ballots to be counted, but in those cases voters have to provide information to prove their ballots should be counted and it’s unlikely that all of them will, Eric Johnson, Murphy’s campaign consultant, said Wednesday morning. There are also absentee ballots remaining to be counted in Palm Beach.

The state elections website showed that the district which encompasses Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Martin counties gave a 2,456 voter edge to Murphy.

“There is no scenario where the 2,400 [edge that Murphy as] gets overturned,” he said. “Right now we are 700 votes outside the recount measure.”

The West campaign has not conceded, Johnson said. West’s campaign manager didn’t respond to emails Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Johnson said that he believes Murphy, 29, will become the youngest member of the next Congress but not the youngest in history.

Johnson attributed Murphy’s win to voters anger about attack ads.

“Patrick’s message over and over that we have to work together, not be divisive, the name calling has got to stop really sold with voters in the Treasure Coast,” Johnson said.

West was a Tea Party favorite and first-term member of Congress while Murphy is a 29-year-old businessman. In his first political race, Murphy tapped into Democrats’ nationwide distaste for West— a regular on Fox News who drew attention for saying several dozen of Democrats in the House are communists and calling U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Weston) “vile.”

West raised about $17 million while Murphy raised more than $3.7 million in one of the most expensive House contests in the nation.

Murphy’s father gave $250,000 to a PAC that created an ad depicting a caricature of West, who is African-American, in boxing gloves punching an old white woman, a younger white woman and grabbing money from a black family. The ad was intended to depict West socking it to constituents over Medicare, health care and tax cuts.

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Can't take anymore

Must have been all those Communist Democrats and their agitprop campaign tactics. Now Allen can spend all his time on Fox News sharing his paranoid fantasies with the gullible paranoid viewers. Plus, he can concentrate on speaking engagements to the Teabagggger faithful. Lots of money to be made there, too.

Is it finally over

I had hoped for an even greater voter rejection of Allen West. His outrageous unsubstaniated claim of communists in the House, his name calling and his statements about women emasculating men should have turned even staunch Republicans against his candidacy. I'm am very glad that he won't be representing me.


Allen West is what is wrong in politics today. Not that he has a monopoly on the issue. So called leaders who fan the flames of division for no other reason is to be reelected. The democrats are no better with the likes of Pelosi and Reid on the other side. Most of us live somewhere in the middle with our political views, however, only the far right or the far left seem to get all the attention. Hopefully the voters will demand that the 2 parties start working together for the sake of the country instead of their own political futures.

Gene Graff

West is a hero and merely calls it as he sees it. He was a refreshing addition to the political scene in Washington DC.

Former Iron Gunner

West is not a hero. Nothing he did was heroic. His military career ended in disgrace for criminal actions. He had to be forcibly restrained from illegally executing a prisoner of war. He instructed his soldiers to beat prisoners for no reason. The 4ID(M) DIVARTY took hostages to compel insurgent surrender. He was a bully, a thug, and a tyrant. He seeks to salve the bitter loss of his undistinguished military career by taking political office. I know this because I served as a commissioned officer with this man.


See ya later, Westy War Criminal.


West, you're out. Over. History.

Grow up you twit.


I seriously doubt the attack ads made the voters mad..these would be the same people who voted for Obama and his ads were all about attacking Romney....It must be because all those Dems are racist! Oh wait, I forgot, only repubs are racist. Hmmm....

Amy P.

Whoo-hoo!!! Love Patrick Murphy, and detest the Teabagger Allen West. So glad to see so many wonderful men and women elected this year, and pray that things will start to really get better for Americans.

Gene Graff

So...., sounds like West was a real take charge kind of guy while serving his country. That's what makes an impression and commands respect from our terrorist friends in the middle east. Wish those in charge of the Benghazi decision making would have taken the firm action West took in looking out for those under his command. Like I said, he's a real hero!


Of all the local Florida races, this is the one I was most interested in. Mr. West was an embarrassment to the State of Florida and apparently to fellow soldiers. We need Congressmen, from both parties, seriously interested in resolving the nations problems. Name calling and insulting behavior is so 3rd grade.


Debbie wasserman Shultz is the real embarrassment of Florida. I can't even begin to tell you how that woman really is vile and despicable. And I wouldn't call them communists. They're too damned selfish to live communally with anyone. She more socialist.


And hey there "can't take it anymore", why don't you quit hiding behind your computer if your gonna start calling people teabagger faithful. Being prior military myself, I would DARE you to say that to my face. As I took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. If you don't like what that paper says, then leave. I happen to identify with their philosophy.

George Edwards

West voted for tax breaks for people that ship our jobs over seas (along with most of the Republicans). To me that is treason. On the military, we are not to become like the enemy to defeat them. That is not necessary. I campaigned hard for Murphy and got to know him personally. I found him to be a dedicated and very nice person George Edwards


Liberalism is a mental disorder that is bankrupting the country and destroying our individual spirit.You create a utopia of how you'd like thngs to be but its not reality;when faced with reality you find it too pessimistic and you run back into the area of non-reason.Allen West is a bright,articulate fellow and soldier.Just what we need in Washington,not lock step liberals who are more concerned with party and lining their own pockets.PS,there are muslims,commie/ socialists in congress bent on destroying our constitution.


Liberalism and conservatism are not mental disorders but political philosophies. Neither are bankrupting the country or destroying spirits....they are opinions which pursuant to the constitution you say you love, people are allowed to express. This country has survived a revolution, a civil war, two world wars and several other "conflicts" AND is larger and better and stronger than the politicians (Mr. West included) elected to represent us. If you don't like liberal politicians, don't vote for them, but to resort to name calling and petty insults cheapens the dialogue this country needs to have about its direction. And I use my real name.


Wow! I can't believe that there are this many Racist People in Florida! How can a caring and compasionate person vote against a person of color? For a WHITE guy????


Allen West is a Bullshitter.


Allen West: You're Fired!


What happened to Allen West is a good example of happens to someone who spends way too much time watching Fox News. They live in fantasy detached from reality.

Allen is a disgraced, dishonorable war criminal--whom the US Army should have prosecuted for war crimes. Pathetic excuse of a soldier.

Good riddance to yesterday's trash. Now go to Fox News and make millions there.


Wow! I can't believe that there are this many Racist People in America! How can a caring and compassionate person vote against a person of color? For a WHITE guy like Mitt Romney???? Sad!!


Jason is not the only one who is ex-military. Or is he?


Allen West: You're Fired!

Patrick Murphy: You're Hired!

mark shane

All the Teabagging Wingnuts out on here, You lost scumbags GO TO HELL

Don Darnell

I served with West in the mid eighties. He was a good man then. I don't know hat happened in Iraq exactly, but the US is Army is the most professional organization in the world, and it said it didn't want West anymore, that he had at the very least embarrassed himself, at worst committed crimes. Now he's in the the tea bag party. Now he is embarrassing himself again with a frivolous demand for a recount. It would appear that he has lost his military bearing. He needs to examine his character and make adjustments.

Captain America

For all you 0bie Kool-Aid drinking morons that are missing the point that 0bie's plan for socialism doesn't work and was not intended for America when the founders penned the constitution. Perhaps when sharia law hits our country due to the caliphate that the extremists want to impose on the world, and you have to claim allegiance to allah or lose your head, you will realize the only mistake Col West made was that he had the weapon pointed the wrong direction and missed. Kool-Aid is bad for you, ask the folks in Guyana, oh you can't, they are all dead! Got TEA?

Arthur H

Florida is full of wingnut jobs and West is a prime example.This neanderthal had to go!

Giselle Borrás

Lol sounds like the only one drunk off the Kool-Aid is Captain America. Time to get over it, people, and MOVE ON! America has spoken and America is tired of the extremism. FOWARD!


RACISTS Haters....


Yes they are, the real racists are the blacks who over 95% voted for Obummer. They are the real racists.

Hanging Chad

How any of you could possibly speak badly of Colonel West OR the Tea Party is beyond me... So if someone disagrees with you, it gives you the right to assassinate their character? Look in the mirror folks... Can't wait to hear the hate that flows this way as a result. Colonel West is a born leader that isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Not politcally correct enough for you? Go cry to Chris "the hurricane was great for obama" Matthews. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. In case you haven't noticed, EVERYTIME there's an election, the whole country waits to see what kinds of dumb things florida does. Guess what, you didn't dissapoint YET AGAIN.

Captain America

Well well Giselle, is that the only trick that you moonbats know how to do is to try to turn things around? That is a typical ploy learned no doubt from your socialist leader George "The Evil Emperor" Soros from Move On org. and Media Matters. Learn a new trick or get another pimp! And yes Chad, charactor assasination is the moonbat way. They learned it from their messiah 0bie from his campaign. It's too bad they can't think for themselves but that is what the left wants from them. Fall in line and do what your told. Like zombies...but with no interest whatsoever in brains. Like I said, get off the 0bie Kool-Aid, it's bad for you. Remember Jonestown? ☻

Stephen H.

Hey....all this name calling coming from a state that re-elects ALLAN GRAYSON!!!! Now there's a rational lib.


neither Grayson nor West should be in Congress....both are flame throwers who add NOTHING to the national discourse and are better suited for reality tv than the serious discussion and compromise currently needed. I would vote for neither of these candidates.


"Remember 2000 Chad recount." My man "W" won, Al Gore got screwed and Ed Heeney - (R) (running for deceased Ed Healey's (D) seat - Dist. 86/85 now) for State Representative was left off the Ballot unjustly manipulated by DOE/SOS. SOE Susan Bucher was unopposed and tacitly appointed. Now 12 years later, here we go again. P.S. I had to vote Tuesday with a Provisional Ballot on paper at the 2nd Polling Precinct (voter ID & mailing info differed) and this time Citizen ED HEENEY was left off PBC Polling List. Also, how many Absentees did not know 2 stamps were needed for their Ballots to be counted? "Like the Irish Name but do not like an unfair Game." Good Luck to Alan West. ©2012 E. Patrick Heeney -- Permission is hereby granted to reprint this comment in its entirety. EPH

Dodged the Bullet

Allen West, Hit the Road Jack, and don't you come around here no more no more no more, hit the road Jack, don't come around here no more!

My dad, uncles, and grandfathers were actual war heroes. Somehow, I never saw them wear chestsful of medals or heard them tell war stroies-- it brought back memories of hell and brought tears to their eyes to remember much of anything again. Dad had malaria, and when it was rampaging, he actually relived the worst of his 6 years in the WWII and Occupation Forces. I was too young to ultimately get drafted into the war in Vietnam, but my lottery number was 15, and the draft was repealed one month before my call up date. I had years of training prior to that...it was understood by my elders that I was 90 days ad away. I had friends who actually entered Laos and North Vietnam on LRRPs, defended to walls of Hue in Tet 1968, and hunkered in a bomb crated in Cambodia in 1970 for five days while Chinese, Cuban, Russian, and NVA troops combed the forest looking for him. Did they wear chests full of medals or talk a lot? No, their FAMILIES told me about the thousand yard look in their eyes, what it meant. West brags a lot about being a hero. I don't see it at all.

West cavorts around acting like he can demean, oppress, insult, and harass anybody with impunity just because he wears a chest full of medals and poses on a Harley. He tries to patronize the voters, and to hoodwink us with regularity. As though we'd not remember he most recently held the US Hse of Reps slot for a district in Broward and scallawagged it to PBC because it seemed easier pickings. God be praised, Mr. Murphy is a breath of fresh air! Voters did not choose a white guy over a black man, they choose a mature, tactful, intelligent, educated gentleman over a self-satisfied, self-serving, mad hatter who is also an OREO!


The worst politician I have ever seen, his bitterness is so prominent, glad Florida got rid of him.
He is Fox News favorite.

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