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With all 67 counties in, Obama still the Florida winner, now ahead by more: 73k votes

Palm Beach County, which lagged behind the 66 others, has finally finished counting its absentee ballots and it only helped President Obama.

Obama picked up a net 6,910 more votes over Republican Mitt Romney. That helped increase Obama's overall lead in Florida to 73,694. That's an increase of mroe than 15,600 since Thursday, when The Herald first reported Obama had little chance of losing and that a Romney adviser acknowledged the Republican loss.

Obama's lead now stands at 50.01 percent (4,234,522 votes) to Romney's 49.13 (4,160,828 votes). The results are due now at the Secretary of State's office.

Counties are still counting provisional ballots, which are cast when a voter's status is in doubt. And overseas ballots are still not in. The former often favor Democrats. The latter have favored Republicans. But Obama has pulled relatively strong military support, so the chances that Romney can make up for the loss with overseas ballots looks less and less likely as Obama's lead has grown.

The race won't officially be called until Nov. 20, when the state canvassing board meets to certify the results.


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Don't forget that the First Lady made helping military families a top priority during her last four years. Many military members and their families see the President as a strong Commander in Chief and think he cares about the military. Republicans were banking on military voters going overwhelmingly for Romney but this seems not to be happening.

Yes, we can.

Fire Scott 2014!

Jaddy Baddy

You expect Me to put on sack cloth and ashes and
talk about the Obama victory, about what Romney
did wrong? You got the wrong man. Let's talk
about the electoral crimes committed in the name
of Barack Hussein Obama.

In the nominations of 2008, the DNC went from
primary to primary, slashing Clinton Democrats
from the polls in state after state. The DNC
sliced, diced and pared that nomination like
an apple, until the only candidate left standing,
was Barack Obama. No company or government
department can legally chose their employees
that way, but the Supreme Court said the
Democrat Party was, get this, a Private
organization and was free to run their business
as they saw fit.

In the selection of 2012, Obamacrats sent an
army of underage teenagers out hopping from poll
to poll, changing their names at every station,
casting votes for Obama like Easter Eggs along
the way. Democrat election officials didn't card
Anybody, nobody knew who voted, how many times
they voted or cared. It spread from New Jersey
to New York, to Pennsylvania to Ohio, across the
country like a plague of rabbits, bent on razing
democracy to the barren ground. Hell, in New Jersey,
they didn't even have to leave the comfort of home,
they could cast multiple ballots simply
by changing email addresses, like American Idol.

To have a mandate, it takes More than a majority
of the Votes, you have to have a majority of the
Voters. Obama has no such majority. That was no
election, That was a coup, and Obama will go down
as the most corrupt head of the most corrupt
political organization in American history, and
that is saying a LOT.


Re: Jaddy Baddy comment.

Dude -- you need to turn off AM right-wing talk radio & FOX news, and RUN, not walk, to the nearest psychiatrist and get counselling ASAP. You have serious -- I mean REALLY serious -- delusion & paranoia issues. You live in a alternate reality fantasy world where everything that takes place is because of "shadows" that you see & fear.

NONE -- read that again -- NONE -- of the things that you wrote about is true, accurate or real.

The fact is that -- in the US, and especially in FL, Democrats -- & Democratic-leaning indep voters -- African-Americans, Latinos, young people, and especially young women in general -- (and in Ohio, white auto industry workers in the northern part of that state) -- came out in droves -- huge, mass numbers -- not only because they wanted Obama back in the White House & Democrats elected to Congress -- but because they were pissed -- outraged -- that the right wing nut jobs & Repub party were trying to take their vote away. They waited hrs, sometimes in FL as much as 5, 6. 7 hrs -- to vote. SE FL & the so-called I-4 corridor had a huge outpouring of such voters, while voters in the more conservative parts of the state -- the panhandle and the areas of NE FL near Georgia -- stayed home and didn't vote. So much for the vaunted "Repub and conservative uber-enthusiasm" to get Obama out of the WH that was spouted by ALL of the right wing-nuts and pollsters during the election campaign season.

The end result was a Democratic victory in FL, with up-list and down-list candidates all winnng. The sooner you come to grips with those facts, the sooner you can join the rest of us living in the real world.

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