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December 06, 2012

What Transparency 2.0 would tell you if you could see it

The new report prepared by Integrity Florida and the First Amendment Foundation on the budget transparency software program offers a window into what the web site would tell legislators and the public if they were given access to it.

The two non-partisan watchdog groups received a password to the secure web site licensed by the Senate and developed by Spider Data Systems, with the permission of the Senate. They then compared the operation of the Transparency 2.0 site with the existing budget transparency sites operated by the Legislature and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater.

The report was delivered to the Senate and governor late Wednesday and will be released to the public at IntegrityFl.org late today. Story here. Here's a sample of their findings:

* The Transparency 2.0 site is the only one of the three sites that: provides comprehensive information about all public expenditures in a single website, uses "plain language" categories, allows one-click searches, conducts full-text searches of any part of a vendor name or program or related keyword, has an easy report download function, includes legislative planning documents, includes agency budget documents, includes governor budget documents and legislative budget documents, and includes management services personnel system data.

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