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A tale of two FL Sens: GOP's Rubio mourns death of Senate Dem, and Dem Bill Nelson?

Two notable reactions from Florida's Senators concerning the death of Hawaii U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye:

Marco Rubio quickly issued a touching two-paragraph statement that encapsulated the spirit and history of the man. In these partisan-hack times, the Republican's press release hit gracious notes about his now-former Democratic colleague, a "Greatest Generation" war hero. Rubio's website features a link as well to his statement.

And Florida's senior senator?  Nothing yet. UPDATE: Nelson gave a touching eulogy the following day on the Senate floor. He was travelling Monday and didn't have the time to write the right words, a staffer said.

Normally one to sprint to the TV cameras or blast out a press release on the topic of the day, Nelson's office has yet to send anything out. Nor does the Democrat have anything posted on his website, which does feature a video of him talking about the "fiscal cliff," a statement about an ex-Marine locked up in Mexico, and a grip-and-grin pic with Alonzo Mourning.




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And? What's the implication?


Interesting that Rubio took time out to write a lengthy "touching statement" about someone he probably barely new, but couldn't find time to call his family and offer condolences after the recent death of one of his close relatives. I guess you can't post phone calls on your website and they don't make good political stories.

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