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Bondi's ObamaCare claim is put to the Truth-O-Meter

Some Florida public officials, including Gov. Rick Scott, have softened their tone on the federal health care law since the U.S. Supreme Court declared it constitutional and President Barack Obama was re-elected.

But don’t count Attorney General Pam Bondi among those officials.

In remarks at a Florida Chamber of Commerce event Nov. 28, 2012, Bondi said the health care law is already hurting businesses.

"Unfortunately, national studies are already showing the negative effects that the health care law is having on businesses and our economy. Businesses across the country are raising their prices in order to compensate for their added costs due to Obama’s health care plan. If they aren’t raising prices, they’re cutting jobs as a result of the added cost, both of which hurt our economy. According to a Mercer survey, more than 60 percent of employers expect the federal health care plan to increase their health costs. Twenty percent of those employers are bracing for at least a 5 percent increase in costs."

This comment caught our attention because added costs for business under the health care law do not start until 2014. So why would they be raising prices and cutting jobs now? Read PolitiFact's analysis of Bondi's  claim.


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Robert Jenkins

In hopes of course to the mantra; If one repeats a lie enough times, it will appear to be true. Sad when, this is the only thing the RPOF can say and do. People want solutions and not absurdlity.Health care insurance, by most everyone's opinion needed reformed. Now an extreme measure had to be taken. Keep the good parts of this "law" and remove the parts that are absurd. Should be pretty simple; for adults. Wait what am I saying;how many adults actually serve in Congress? My bad.

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