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Change in political climate: Patrick Murphy talks global warming

One measure of the changing political climate in Florida and Washington: Democratic U.S. Rep Patrick Murphy, a political novice who ousted Republican Allen West in a tight race, made an impromptu stop at a four-county climate change conference in Jupiter on Monday to pledge his support for legislation addressing the issue.

Murphy said he would be a "passionate advocate" for Everglades and other environmental issues in Washington, subjects largely dismissed by West, perhaps best known for fiery rhetoric that had made him a Tea Party favorite. Murphy, an avid angler who grew up in the Florida Keys, said he had no doubts about the risks posed by rising sea levels.

"Unfortunately we have far too many politicians who continue to bury their heads in the sand and pretend its not happening," Murphy said in brief remarks to at fourth annual Southeast Florida regional climate leadership summit, which was attended by political leaders, planners and others from seven counties.

After a three-week legal challenge and a partial recount, West conceded the race for Florida House District 18, which covers northeastern Palm Beach County and Martin and St. Lucie counties.

--- by Curtis Morgan


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Another kook gets backroom dealed into office by corrupt officials. Yeah we know about how suddenly at around 11:00 the decision was made to 'recount' the votes and how WOW suddenly 4000 votes magically appeared for this guy.
We also know how the door was locked, violating the Fl Sunshine Law.
We all know that the imaginary risk of global warming, which has been debunked over and over again by creditable scientists worldwide by the way, pales next to the destruction Patrick Murphy is going to thrust upon the citizens of Fl.

richard columbare

The earth has gone from very few people in it's beginnings to having 7 billion people. So when you take in the demands that 7 billion people make on the earths resources, then anyone should be able to see that we are changing the face and climate of the earth, just by us being here, and the constant increase of the population. So space exploration should be a priority,because no matter what we do to slow down population growth, sooner or later we are going to need a new earth type planet.

Laurence  Key

I'm happy to see our new Congressman spending the time before he takes office at home in the district, establishing relationships with his constituents, building consensus around issues of common concern, and most notably, staying out of the "national spotlight." I think we made a good choice here.

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