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Charlie Crist trashes Rick Scott in Sen. hearing for vote suppression, turning FL into a ‘late-night TV joke”

Former Gov. Charlie Crist bashed Gov. Rick Scott twice by name during a U.S. Senate hearing on Wednesday for signing an election law that helped suppress the vote and turn Florida into a “late-night TV joke.”

Crist’s Senate Judiciary Committee testimony came just hours after the release of a new poll showing he’s more popular than the current governor, who is preparing to face his predecessor – a Republican-turned Democrat -- in the 2014 elections.

Scott earlier Wednesday acknowledged on CNN that some fixes might be needed for the election law he signed in 2011. That law cut back the days of in-person early voting and helped make the ballot longer, which led to long lines.

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John Duffy

governor crist was correct that governor scott has made fla a big joke which i find very objectionable he needs to be removed from office which i feel wil happen in the elections. fla voter.

Eileen Whelan

The Governer of the state Florida should be impeached, he is a disgrace to our state, and
the sooner he is out of office the better we in Florida will be.
Please God no second term.

Doris Mello

It always has amazed me how this man was ever elected to office. Just goes to show you just how far some of the republican party will go to gain all the power that they can. I'd like to feel proud once more that I live in Florida!


Scott stole money from senior citizens, then testified in court, under oath, that he as a CEO to his company, was not aware of what was happening, and, was released from the charge? and Florida still voted for him, unbelievable...learn by your mistakes, please

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