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Crist to file party-switch papers Thursday; media alerted

It's the political photo-op of the year in Tampa Bay.

Former Gov. Charlie Crist will file a change-of-party form and will officially become a Democrat Thursday morning. News media have been alerted that Crist will file the papework at 10:30 a.m. at a Pinellas County elections office at 501 First Ave. N, St. Petersburg. Crist also visited the Pinellas elections office in May 2010, when he filed his Republican "divorce papers," left the GOP and became an independent or unaffiliated voter.

-- Steve Bousquet


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His registration doesn't really matter. If he's got a brain cell left in his head, he'll run as an independent. The nation, and (yes) Florida, is looking for such a person of substance, who is also a person of political heft and also a person who is happy to walk out on the enemy-threatened beach, wearing nothing but those old partial hears who lost interest.

It's all about the show ... and the press only feeds the beast.

Robert Jenkins

Geeeez, this one is a no brainer. "If" Crist was the only person to leave the Republican't party;one could be surprised. Ask any Suporviser of El;ection Office for the percentage of people leaving the Republican't party. Most do so by claiming No Party Affiliation; while others who feel particularly the RPOF, has abandoned the core principles of a once great party. Even with thw gerrymandering that took place; I predict a large swing away from the GOP in 2014. Gov.Scott will be soundly defeated,as he has no clue as to what the "majority" of Floridian's desire in governance.Crist won't run for Governor in 14; I believe he will though run for Congress in his district. Then in time he will run for Governor or take another shot at Rubio. This David Rivera thing is getting very interesting;as I understand he is seeking imunity through Greer's legal team and will testify that Greer's testimony is truthful.That will not bode well for Rubio; I have been told. Part of this deal is that Rivera, will not be indicted until after the new Congress takes power. Then be granted full imunity for truthful testomony. The only problem with that is; he doesn't know how to be truthful.

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