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Florida releases results of license tag contest

Florida voters have selected their next license tag.

The green-rimmed, leafed-orange winner in a poll of about 50,000 online voters could be released as soon as 2014. It is scheduled to be phased in over two years on Florida's 15 million vehicles.

"Sunshine State" is at the plate's bottom edge, and the center is stamped with seven characters instead of the traditional six, to keep Florida from running out of character combinations.

"The online poll represents one part of the process to select the new plate design," says a news release from the Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles. "Before the design is manufactured, the public's vote will be factored in with input from the Governor, Cabinet and policy makers.

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Geez ... the morons among Florida's citizenry picked the best of the bad options offered by the state bureaucracy.

That is not a sign of anything other than stupidity.

The bureaucracy should recognize, and the press should note, that the overwhelming majority of Florida citizens did not vote for any of these options.

They should all be scrapped and a more creative mind be used to pick a better plate ... and no, the cops and city government money-hungry bureaucrats should not be the only ones designing license plates.

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