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Gov. Rick Scott doubles down on testing for voucher students at private schools

Gov. Rick Scott reiterated Wednesday his belief that students attending private schools using tax-credit scholarships should meet the same standards as students in traditional public schools.

This would be a sharp change in policy, and some private school leaders are already voicing concerns, the Tampa Bay Times reported today.

Scott first talked about his views after Tuesday's Cabinet meeting, saying that all students whose education is paid for using Florida tax dollars should have to meet the same academic standards. Later that day, his office said it wanted to "provide context" to that statement by pointing out the governor would be meeting with tax-credit scholarship advocates on Wednesday. That left the Buzz wondering if he would walk back his earlier comments.

Well, he didn't.

Noting Florida's shift to new, national Common Core standards, Scott said Wednesday that traditional, charter and private schools should expect to implement the new testing that comes with it.

"Ultimately, everybody is going to Common Core," he said at a reception in Tampa for administrators of the scholarships and student recipients.

Read the story to see more from Scott and private school leaders.


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virginia rosen

Yea for Governor Scott!!! Something seriously stupid about not seeing if our tax dollars are well spent.

John N Florida

Now THIS will get him in trouble with Jeb. The whole point of the private schools was to make money, NOT to educate children.
Ricky will have to finance his own campaign again. Jeb will cut him off for this.

Robert Berthaut

Aren't private schools under no obligation to accept voucher students? If the governor's demands become too burdensome, maybe they won't. One of the advantages private schools enjoy over the public schools is that they supposedly don't have jackwaggon politicians like Scott sticking their noses into their business. Maybe the private schools prefer it that way and will opt to forgo all that government cash because of all the strings attached to it. Nah!

David Kearns

Of course not John in N Florida. It's a new testing regime and of course we know who'll get the contracts to make the tests? Bush cronies in the Friends of Rick (FORK) program. They really need all the excuses they can get to take your tax money and give it to Wal*Mart Jesus Academy. You can bet your behind there are deeper, more sinister motives, like getting us all fighting about religion. After all Ma and Pa Kettle sure don't want to see their tax dollars going for Islam School, which is precisely what all this madness will open the door for. When violence breaks out, not to worry, Ricky and co. will have paved the way for Gulag Inc. run by political insiders Geo Group. Welcome to Rickscottistan.

Mark Halpert

Private Schools have the right to say no, so be it. Then the students can got to another private school, a charter school or a public school. Test Mania is a great way to kill public schools, and if everyone accepting state money must play to the same rules, there will be much more pressure to get the balance right between accountability and teaching our kids the skills they need to succeed in life. Governor Scott has this one right.

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