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It's easier to kill with guns than regulate them more

Florida will hit the 1 million-mark for concealed-weapon permit-holders in the coming days, a stat reported last week that received scant attention.

That wouldn’t have been the case if Sandy Hook Elementary School was in what’s sometimes called “the Gunshine State” instead of Connecticut.

Reporters, advocates and experts would have descended on Florida, combed through its generous gun laws and examined the line between statute and slaughter.

That’s what we do as a society: We try to wring reason out of the senseless.

But we’re probably not soon going to find a solution to stopping mass shootings like those that happened in Connecticut, Oregon, Wisconsin, Colorado or Florida this year.

Nor will we have a reasonable debate, either. There is too much fear, too much money, too many conflicting statistics, too much emotion and too many divisive politics and agendas at play. That doesn’t mean more laws are or are not needed.

It’s just that it’s easier to kill with guns than regulate them more.

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Reporters Fail Today

How can one be a columnist and give opinions, yet claim to be a reporter?

Union Thugs Local 666

Still waiting for one good argument why I should be penalized as a law abiding citizen for the actions of others. Resolve that, and have Mayor Bloomberg's security detail give up all their weapons, and we'll start talking.


Please excuse my ignorance but what was the mass shooting event in Florida?

Caputo = Reflexive Liberal

Every day about 30 people in the US are killed by drunk drivers. Where's the outrage, Caputo?


Indeed, and about 90 people a day a killed in car wrecks of all kinds. If the gun-haters really cared about human life and used their same moronic policy logic, they would be identifying the kinds of cars and trucks that kill people in car wrecks--all of them or just those driven by drunks--and ban those types of vehicles.

Like guns, cars don't kill people, the evil, the idiots, and the insane do so with them.

And it is exceedingly sad that the brave, but dead school principal and psychologists had to lunge at the shooter to try to stop him, instead of pulling a sidearm and trying to take him out before his evil deeds went further.

When the bad guy shows up actively trying to hurt folks, armed or not, we don't have time to wait for the cops to arrive.


In 2005, an average of 46 Americans per day committed suicide with a firearm, accounting for 53% of all completed suicides. Gun suicide during this period accounted for 40% more deaths than gun homicide. - New England Journal of Medicine Sept 2008

Robert Berthaut

I have often wonder whether I would have been accorded a little more respect; if, when I was teacher, I'd have walked into the classroom packing heat. Would the kiddies have been properly awestruck? Nah! They'd have yanked the Glock out of my holster and shot me with it. And recollecting what Bozos the admistrators with whom I worked are, they're more likely to have shot one another.

Ricky Miami Lakes

The Democrats are about to make a big mistake going here. I'm a pretty moderate Democrat and Obama supporter and I know that there are more out here like me - union members who support the President but dont particulary care for the gun control arguments. I own 2 firearms myself. A pistol for protection and a rifle handed down to me by my father.

Congress and the President would do everyone a favor to initiate a new program to fortify schools and put off duty officers at schools, and perhaps allow teachers with extra training to carry and conceal.

But I think this idea of engaging in a gun control battle when we have the Republicans on their knees is stupid.

Thomas Botelho

As a gun owner, why is a 30 round banana clip necessary? I'm curious.

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