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Merry X-mas from FL: State gives up collecting $124m in taxes, fees, fines

Think about this AP story next time the Legislature says it can't fund, say, a $30 million program or business incentive:

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- For the third year in a row, Florida is giving up on collecting more than $100 million in taxes, fees and fines owed the state.

But the amount of money the state is walking away from continues to grow. Data released this past month shows that the state forgave $124.2 million in the fiscal year that ended June 30.

Florida in 2011 wrote off $110.5 million as uncollectable, while the number was more than $109 million the year before.

The overall amount of money that Florida is losing is small compared with the size of the state's annual $70 billion budget. But the failure to collect the money comes amid year after year of state budget cuts.

State Sen. Joe Negron, R-Stuart and the new Senate budget chief, said even though the amount is small he still wants the Legislature to re-examine whether the state is doing enough to collect money it is owed.

"We want to be circumspect and prudent with every dollar we have available to us in the state budget," Negron said. "We'll take a fresh look at that number and see if there is any possibility of reducing that amount."

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800K of that money is fines on public officials. Politicians do not have to pay for their mistakes. We, the people of Florida, can foot the bill for their inept, unethical, and counterproductive actions. The rest is just more examples of Republican welfare for the well connected. Someone should cross reference the list of those "forgiven" with the list of contributors to the Republicans.


The law should bar any person owning taxes or fines from running for office. It should further bar any elected official from exercising the power of their current office and receiving from it any pay or expense reimbursement unless and until they pay their taxes and fines. If somebody gets into office who can't perform their duties due to this, they can be removed from that office for malfeasance.

R. Berthaut

To Anti-Tallahassee and whasup, thumbs up on your comments! I agree wholeheartedly.

The Big V.

First of all, Florida is just not that generous,and I hope not that inept or stupid. The latter should worry all of us more than the money! But what we have to consider is that the money and time it would cost the state to collect the money might just cost more than the money owed itself. Why do you thing businesses write off losses? That said, they did a very good job of not only hunting me down but also threatening to take my drivers license away for not paying my "full" amount of child support on a child I doubt is mine." Do these idiots realize that so many men who had that happen to them can never pay their child support again and must work off the books and maybe give up their car. Thats too much to do to any person,to take away their vehicle. So guess what, I sent ion the required amount here in west Pam and they never took the time to enter it in the computer in tallahassee so i got a letter saying I have 6 days to pay or my drivers license is fried! Luckily I STRAIGHTENED IT OUT ....WITH 3 visits to the child suppport collections office. All unecessary trips. So if we have such incompetant people collecting debts,whats the real problem? I suspect we have to be politically correct or 5 civil rights organizations will be all over this."sigh"

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