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Miami-Dade Dems choose first Latina chair, Annette Taddeo-Goldstein

In Florida's largest and most-Hispanic county, the largest political party has finally managed to choose a leader who's "Latina," according to the following press release:

Miami, FL — Annette Taddeo-Goldstein has made history by being elected the first Latina chairwoman of the Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) at the December 3rd DEC organizational meeting. She will be replacing Richard Lydecker.

Ms. Taddeo-Goldstein is Colombian-American and has been a resident of Miami for over twenty years. She is a successful entrepreneur, founding and running LanguageSpeak, a language services company, for fifteen years. In 2008, she became the Democratic nominee for Congress in South Florida's 18th District and received a record 100,000 votes. She has been involved in numerous community organizations, and in 2002 Miami-Dade County Commissioners honored her tireless work and dedication to Miami by proclaiming May 9th "Annette Taddeo Day." In 2012, she proudly accepted the South Florida International Businesswoman of the Year Award. She is nothing short of an example of the American dream.

As the new DEC chair, Ms. Taddeo-Goldstein plans to build on Florida Democrats' 2012 successes at a local level by assembling a team of former Obama staffers to continue the campaign's field operation on the ground. She understands it is pivotal that Miami Democrats continue working, even though the Presidential election is over: "After a hard-fought Presidential race, where Miami-Dade proved pivotal in winning Florida, I am humbled to have been elected to lead the Democratic party in the largest county in the State-because we can't wait another four years to get organized," she explains.

With Taddeo-Goldstein at the helm, Miami-Dade Democrats embark on an exciting new chapter for the organization and the community.


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The beggining of the end for this local party. Lydecker should have stayed on. Annette is just another capitalist pig opportunist who will use this position to further her own business network and to pander to the blacks and gays, all the while, loathing each and everyone of them behind they're backs. Notice she started using her hyphenated name again to appease her Jewish overlord donors. Once a scumbag, always a scumbag!
I can tell you that I will encourage all of my Dem friends to no longer attend these meetings. Don't care to sit in a dirty room listening to this phony baloney spew her DWS spoon fed talking points. NEXT!

Why ask why

Wow, scraping the bottom of the barrel with this choice, was spence jones not available?

The Dog

Ahhhh! Typical Republicanistic dirty comment above by Why ask. Annette Taddeo is a class act, a real dignified lady who doesn't deserve the vitriol that comes from the rightwing. I hope that she doesn't end up responding to this type of garbage.


Congratulations Annette, with all the momentum at their back the Miami-Dade Democrats are better organized than they have ever been. From the Chair on down.

I wonder if the MD GOP has ever had a "Latina" as Chair?

Benji Power

Congratulations Annette,

Leadership is an honor, a privilege and a civic duty. I wish you the best as you embrace all three aspects of this new role and push your hardest to bring the change that our South Florida is asking for.

Benji Power
New Leaders Council Miami

Darrin McGillis

Annette, wishing you all the best!

Manty Sabates Morse

Yes to answer your question the Rebublican Party of Miami Dade County has had two Hispanic chairman Maria Alonso Martinez in 1988
and Manty Sabates Morse in 1996.

Julia Dawson

Congratulations, Annette!
You will be a great Chairperson.
Now let's see the DEC get some women elected!

Grady Muhammad

if you don't help your strongest base blacks you can forget about anything else in Miami Dade County

Dem till I Die

I don't recall seeing Ms. Taddeo at any previous Miami Dade Democratic Club meetings. I'm sure she is a nice lady but I've heard from friends that she only needed to be nominated to this position as a technicality so that she would be elligable for the State party post. Is this true? What has she done for our community to deserve this position? It doesn't sound like her heart is in the right place. Some thing smells fishy here

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