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New Broward sheriff hires Lisa Castillo as chief of staff

Lisa Castillo, wife of Pembroke Pines City Commissioner and former Broward House CEO Angelo Castillo, will serve as the  new Broward Sheriff Scott Israel's chief of staff. Israel, a Democrat, beat Republican Sheriff Al  Lamberti in November and will be sworn in  Jan. 8.

The transition team released a list of command staff hires today. Angelo isn't on that list but Ron Gunzburger, Israel's general counsel, said that Angelo will be hired for a senior position in the Department of Administration. (Read more about Angelo Castillo in the Miami Herald's coverage of the Broward House scandal in which his successor was ousted.)

Lisa Castillo previously worked for Republican Jim Scott when he  served in the state Senate and as  a Broward County Commissioner.  She also worked in the past for campaign consultant Judy Stern.

Israel's Command Staff draws heavily from those who have worked for the Fort Lauderdale police department where Israel spent most of his career. Here are a few of the other hires:

* Robert Pusins, executive director of community outreach. He retired as a major from Fort Lauderdale after 30 years.

* Veda Coleman-Wright, acting director of media relations. She has been at BSO since 1996.

* Jim Chinn, executive director. Former BSO employee has taught criminal justice for decades, currently at FAU. He has a doctorate in math from  FAU.

*  Anthony Stravino, fire chief. He is currently Margate's fire chief and spent decades at the Deerfield Beach fire department.

The news release did not include salaries.




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He also hired Angelo Castillo, who did such a fine job -- sarcasm intended -- at Broward House.

Scott Regan

Out with the old in with the new- just wish Lamberti was still in office. Israel is a sore-loser and firing half the staff. Hopefully he will only be Sheriff for 4 years..

Don Turner

Looks like a great choice for Broward County. It is nice to see the new Sheriff cleaning up after the mess that outgoing Al Lamberti has made of the BSO. I feel confident that our county is on the right course now.

Laura Jones

Who cares about these new hires. They are all political cronies of Isreal. Once Lamberti retakes the BSO (in 2016) he will replace all of Isreals hires with his own command staff, again. Let the games begin.


Well, a real loser just happened to win this election. Scott Israel is hiring personal political favorites and firing staff who supported Al Lamberti. Israel is putting politics and vindictiveness (for losing in 2008) over the well being of the communities of Broward County. Stupid move, too. He just provided a springboard for Al Lamberti to run again in 2016 and win..

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