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NYT: George Zimmerman sues NBC for defamation

From The New York Times.

George Zimmerman, accused of second-degree murder in the shooting of Trayvon Martin earlier this year, filed suit against NBCUniversal on Thursday, alleging that the company’s editing of his voice on a 911 tape constituted defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The suit, filed in circuit court in Seminole County, Fla., asked for a jury trial. A spokeswoman for NBCUniversal said in response to the suit, “We strongly disagree with the accusations made in the complaint. There was no intent to portray Mr. Zimmerman unfairly. We intend to vigorously defend our position in court.”

The suit charges that journalists at NBC News intentionally edited Mr. Zimmerman’s statements to make him appear to be a “racist, predatory villain.”

The edits of a 911 audio recording — which removed an intervening question from the operator directly asking Mr. Zimmerman what race Mr. Martin was — occurred three times on NBC’s “Today” show, first on March 20 in a story by Lilia Luciano; on March 22 in another story by Ms. Luciano; and again on March 27 in a story by Ron Allen.

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A little context on the matter;



Psssst, NBC go pull out all his calls into the NEN while on NW..all are in reference to 'black' males. Never caucasian or spanish, so that speaks for itself. While you're at it, he had no job after this tragedy. He had no income. Daddy claims he was paying his rent, financial aid aplenty, possibly govt food stamps. His reputation was damaged well before this. Pull out his criminal history. His mentality is frightening. Get his cousin who alleges some hinky behaviors going on. Zman would have to show he had a reputation to begin with. All this is is about greed. He's accustomed to other folk paying his way, why not NBC? This should go nowhere. Zman's reputation will show his propensity for violence and an error in editing wasn't malicious..

Good luck NBC. Get your private detectives to dig up the dirt, it appears Zman has too many skeletons in his closet..do not bow down to this frivilous claim..

all my belief by reading documents, watching the Zimmerman's on the media interviews and court proceedings.


I hope this is one of many forthcoming lawsuits by Mr. Zimmerman for the endless illegal dirty politics and life threatening actions made against him by politicians, corrupt Fl legal conspirators, media and state officials. If ever a citizen had been railroaded, Mr. Zimmerman was one unfortunate victim of the establishment.
In the words of Bob Owens, "George Zimmerman has been the subject of the most transparent and vicious media and law enforcement lynchings since the FBI tried to blame hero security guard Richard Jewell for the 1996 Olympics bombing carried out by Eric Robert Rudolph..."
"..All actual physical evidence, medical evidence, and eyewitness statements suggest that Zimmerman’s account of the significant events of that night can be corroborated, and that an overzealous investigator and politically minded prosecutor have manufactured a second-degree murder case that never should have been filed."

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