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Politics of guns in Florida are complex

Underscoring the politics in the debate following the Connecticut school massacre, Florida officials offered divergent views Monday, from stricter gun laws to arming teachers to focusing instead on mental health.

Others, including Florida Gov. Rick Scott, said it was too early to react or remained mute against rising calls for action.

"We cannot tolerate this any longer. Congress has within its ability to bring up common sense gun regulation very quickly," said U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor of Tampa, echoing growing Democratic support for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips.

She blamed paralysis on gun control across the political spectrum, including President Barack Obama, who signaled in a speech Sunday in Newtown, Conn., that he would take up the issue after four years of avoiding it.

"The president should have been stronger," Castor said. "But from what I heard in his voice and saw in his eyes last night, he is determined."

Getting there is not easy. Support for new gun laws has not risen after other mass shootings and the National Rifle Association spent more than 10 times as much on lobbying as gun control groups in 2011 and the first three quarters of 2012, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Story by Alex Leary and Michael Van Sickler here.


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Jim Callahan

Ok Newtown is also about mental health. I get it, But how do we, in Florida, get the mental health piece to work, when we have a Governor, Rick Scott and an Attorney General, Pam Bondi who are determined to appeal the Federal Court Order overturning "Docs vs. Glocks"?

Jim Callahan

The horribly troubled Adam Lanza was not so different from James Holmes, whose madness led him to a movie theater in Colorado. Holmes and Jared Loughner, who fired off 31 shots in less than 30 seconds at an Arizona political rally, and Seung-Hui Cho, who killed 32 people at Virginia Tech in 2007, were all unhinged and in urgent need of medical intervention.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/12/17/3146597/gun-advocates-just-change-the.html#storylink=cpy

Martin Luthers

Gun Control

The Liberal Socialist media will now begin highlighting a gruesome gun crime story everyday, with the agenda of disarming America through deceptive 'Gun Control' legislation. They will use the well orchestrated tactic ‘we are simply protecting the people’ guise to convince people to handing in their guns. Poland introduced ‘Gun Control’ legislation in 1939, allowing Adolph Hitler’s Socialist Nazis to easily invade mere days later and takeover their country, by removing its citizen’s ability to defend themselves.

“A Fascist loves an unarmed citizen.”

Those who are ignorant to history are DOOMED to repeat it!

Lest We Forget


Tom Cushman

Some sort of assault rifle ban, along with a restriction on the sale of high capacity magazines is probably in the future. However, background checks, as done today will probably not add much. Much more difficult would be some sort of "mental health" screening. Given the privacy laws, it seems unlikely that anything meaningful can actually be done. There is much noise about the "gun show" loopholes, but that will be nearly impossible as well. I've heard estimates that there are so many guns in the hands of the population, that I don't believe that any measure will have much effect.


The gun-ban preachers, and their "gun control" fellow travelers, are all abuzz in their hive mind about using this horrific event to push their nefarious agenda.

Two observations:

1) Banning and regulating drugs has worked so well, hasn't it?

2) Since the murderer also used a particular kind of vehicle to drive to the school to carry out his evil plan, why shouldn't would also ban that make of vehicle as well as the type of gun he used or large gun magazines?

Well-armed, well-trained school officials could have stopped this maniac or, at least, limited his harm. The law does not protect the innocent from evildoers bent on evil acts. Good people on the scene can.

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