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RPOF keeps spooling the Crist files

The Republican Party of Florida has turned watching Charlie Crist reels into an art form.

In yet another reprisal of what we have now heard and seen from the party -- dozens of times -- comes their latest video. It's called : the Two Faces of Charlie Crist. The kicker makes clear that the party wants Dems to remember Crist as a Ronald Reagan Republican, not a Democrat. (But that begs the question: if Crist is a Reagan Republican, who else is?)



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Big Voice

I understand their reasoning behind this. However, how many times has getting involved in Democrat primaries backfired on us? To Lenny Curry and others at the RPOF, we just got our butts handed to us. A little more work on new ideas rather than spend your time worrying about Crist would make sense to me.

Besides, how many people really want to elect an ambulance chasing lawyer anyway?

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