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Speaker Will Weatherford warns GOP lawmakers to cool it after rowdiness at Disney resort

House Speaker Will Weatherford has apologized for the behavior of some lawmakers at a retreat last month when several Republican members who had been drinking became unruly at a Disney World hotel.

Weatherford said he's still trying to learn what happened, but was concerned enough about reports of rowdiness that he apologized to members the next day and warned he could not condone "unruly behavior."

The outing began the Tuesday night after Thanksgiving at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, the priciest hotel at the theme park with rooms that fetch up to $700 a night. Paid for by the Republican Party of Florida, it was part of a traditional retreat to salute new leaders of the House after an election.

"I believe each member has the personal responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that honors their community and the House of Representatives," Weatherford said in a statement. "There are special considerations when dealing with matters that are part of private conduct. When I was made aware of situations that reflected upon the House, I dealt with the matters swiftly according to the verified facts."

But efforts to determine what happened and who was involved have been hampered by contradictory statements and fading memories.

Story here.


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Let me guess. Gaetz, Tobia, Brodeur, and other regulars at Dorworth's 101 table.

Embarrassed Republican

So Gaetz remembers the precise duration of the incident but doesn't remember any other details about it?

They're not even good liars.


Doesn't he know there is no honor among thieves?


$700 / night rooms. a retreat to honor elected officials. paid for by the RPOF. yet another great example of campaign contributions being misused -- or is there another source of RPOF funds. perhaps mr. gaetz and mr. weatherford should add this to their lists of reforms. wonder how many lobbyists were there to salute? give us a break


As someone serving the public, you are ALWAYS on the clock. You don't get a day, hour, or minute off. Either behave as such, or get out of public service. The job is too important for a high school/college mentality. Investigate, report the names with due process, and then force the impacted members to have a letter in their permanent file against future malfeasance, or if it's bad, they need to resign and get an adult into the position.

Storm the Walls

TreeMike is right. The pathetic thing is that the only good way to punish them is to move them from a great taxpayer funded parking space and office to a less-great taxpayer funded office and parking space.

And these are the guys who are always making the speeches about family values and God? A bunch of frat boy punks.

Of course, there's always the next election, and we remember....

Matt McMillan

EXACTLY the type of conduct to be expected from these Rupublican scumbags!!!! Yeah real f&*#*ing "family values" on display here. Glad you GOP donors got them a $700/night hotel!!!!


Sounded a lot like Gaetz's statement after he was arrested for DUI.

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