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ACLU touts court victories while state GOP attacks group

As the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida touted its courtroom victories against Gov. Rick Scott's administration Thursday, the Republican Party of Florida made a scathing rebuttal.

The party accused the civil rights group of ignoring the will of voters, inflating its successes and filing frivolous lawsuits that cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

"The ACLU has largely failed Florida taxpayers, who voted for and support many of the initiatives that the ACLU opposes," wrote Republican Party spokesman Brian Burgess, in response to a report released by the group Thursday.

The public skirmish is only the latest between the state GOP and the civil rights group since a Republican supermajority swept into the Legislature and Scott took office in 2011.

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Max Salfinger

The ACLU is the only organization that is preventing complete lunacy from the Governor's office and the retarded Florida legislature becoming policy and law. God Bless the ACLU.

John N Florida

The PUBLIC used to support Slavery. Just because the public supports something doesn't mean it should be the standard or the law.
The public, in Florida, supported the lynchings in Rosewood. Does the Republican Party also defend those actions?

Robert Jenkins

Well to quote many a sports figure; "A Win is a win". Much has been said about the current President's views on the U.S. Constitution; he does though have a high percentage of "victories" in State and Federal courts, up to and including the U.S. Supreme Court. "I" often wonder if the Floriduh legislature even understands either the State or Federal Constitution; as how many times now have their opinions been over turned? Too many to keep them in place, is my contention!!! 2014 seems to be very close at hand; as many are already campaigning for it. Now that President Obama, may have three Supreme Court Justices to replace; do you suppose, the rigid conservative rulings will remain in place? Actions by Chief Justice Robert's; speak volumes as to the direction of a perdictable 5-4 rulings of the past. One could not get even odds in many of the Supreme's predicted rulings. So what stays in Vegas; doesn't really stay in Vegas afterall!!!

Patti Lynn

The ACLU protects the Constitution of the United States. I stand with the ACLU in its efforts to assure that MY rights, as well as the rights of every United States citizen, are protected.

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