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Allen West launches foundation

Former U.S. Rep. Allen West has launched a nonprofit Allen West Foundation. His spokesperson released no details about the Boca Raton-foundation. West,  who lost in November to Democrat Patrick Murphy, transferred $250,000 in unspent money from his campaign to the foundation. He also transferred the same amount to American Legacy Guardians which shares the same PO Box as the foundation. We were unable to get an immediate explanation from his spokeswoman about the connection between the two entities. West now works for PJ Media.


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d. brant

huh..thought all donation either had to be reunded or donated to a designated charity?


in other news...what difference does it make?


Allen West is a warrior for freedom and the Constitution.


Allen West Foundation for the Terminally Stupid


Undoubtedly, the West Foundation will help foster young black republicans--in short, an endangered species.

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