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Another missed dinner date for Gov. Scott, Gaetz

It happened again. Gov. Rick Scott invited Senate President Don Gaetz to dinner at the Governor's Mansion on Tuesday evening but it didn't happen.

On Dec. 6, Gaetz declined a dinner invite from the Scotts because it would not have met public-meeting notice requirements under Senate rules.

This time, Gaetz's spokeswoman, Katie Betta, said Gaetz's wife Vicki wasn't in town and that First Lady Ann Scott also might not have been available. "We just decided to reschedule," Betta said.

Senate rules require that before Gaetz can meet with the governor -- even if the discussion is purely social -- the public and news media must be given a four-hour advance notice. "At any point if he's going to be meeting with the governor, social or otherwise, he feels he would be required to post a notice with the Secretary (of the Senate)," Betta said.  

-- Steve Bousquet


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Florida has the most ridiculous public records laws in the nation.


Actually, Gaetz had trouble finding his long spoon and had to cancel.

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