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Down Reagan! Gov. Scott banished dog after it bit mansion staff

Reagan, the now famous dog that once belonged to Gov. Rick Scott, was banished from the Governor's Mansion after biting an employee who moved his water bowl.

"The governor and first lady love dogs and they had to make a hard decision when it was clear that Reagan was very anxious around lots of different people,'' Scott spokeswoman Melissa Sellers said.

The dog bite occurred while the governor was in Orlando on Jan 7, 2011, just three days after Scott took office, according to an incident report released by Scott's office late last week. Mansion grounds employee Jennifer Kinsey was arranging flowers in the mansion when Reagan bit her on the right hand, according to an incident report made by her supervisor for the Department of Management Services. The report noted that the injury was not serious and required no medical treatment.

The story is coming out almost two weeks after the Times first started asking about Reagan's whereabouts.

-- Lucy Morgan


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This is not a story. Journalists should consider having facts first.

Anita Heisley

I hoped Scott realized by returning Reagan he doomed him to euthanasia. No shelter would keep a dog for readoption if it "bit" someone who was probably freaking it out arranging flowers and moving it's food bowls. Way to go, Scott.


Actually Anita Heisley, if you read the details the dog went back to a foster home. He is alive and well, and a new home is being sought. Maybe you could adopt him?

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