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Evolution or flip flop? Marco Rubio journey from bashing "amnesty" to backing citizenship pathway

National Journal's Beth Reinhard (our erstwhile colleague who draws on her coverage of Sen. Marco Rubio's 2010 race):

Arizona Sen. John McCain partnered with liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy in 2005 to offer illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship, then allied with border security hardliners during a tough 2010 Republican primary. "Complete the danged fence," McCain cracked in a widely publicized television spot.

Less well known is the equally dramatic pivot by Marco Rubio, from 2010 candidate who dismissed McCain’s proposal as “amnesty,” to U.S. senator who on Monday championed reforms McCain said had “very little difference” from his previous plan, which became the blueprint for failed legislation in 2006 and 2007.

During a March 28, 2010 Fox News debate against then-Gov. Charlie Crist, Rubio said: “He would have voted for the McCain plan. I think that plan is wrong, and the reason I think it’s wrong is that if you grant amnesty, as the governor proposes that we do, in any form, whether it's back of the line or so forth, you will destroy any chance we will ever have of having a legal immigration system that works here in America.”

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Phil Esteen

Marco Rubio, grandstanding flip-flopper extraordinaire!
And you would think that after all the practice that mendacious Swift Boat conservatives had skewering the honorable John Kerry, that they would have learned to recognize blatant, roaring hypocrisy in 'one of their own.'

Nah, conservatives are unprincipled charlatans, to a tee.

John N Florida

Neither one. Any moron need only look at Rubio's time as Speaker to see where he was / is. He's always been for reform and Amnesty just like his patron, Jeb Bush.
Any thing he said to the contrary was only to gain temporary support from a myopic group of Florida voters - and it WORKED.
When he got TO Washington, the first thing he did was distance himself from the near sighted who had helped elect him.
Perfect political ploy that worked and he still hasn't been 'called' on it.
Jeb Bush is laughing all the way to the bank.
He got Rubio in the Senate, got Scott to back his bills in the FL legislature which are bringing him money hand over fist, and is still seen as the possible MODERATE 2016 choice for the Republican nomination for President.

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