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Ex of Charlie Crist's wife to former gov in cupcake confrontation: "You have no balls! You're a lowlife!"

Fascinating scene-setter in this longform New Times scorcher roasting former (and soon-to-be?) Gov. Charlie Crist:

"You're a piece of garbage!" a broad, wavy-haired New Yorker recalls bellowing at Crist and his wife. They were in Manhattan, weeks after the governor had left Tallahassee in 2011. Todd Rome, Carole Crist's ex-husband and a millionaire travel baron, remembers departing an Upper East Side bakery, clutching a box of cupcakes for his daughter's birthday, when he spotted them.

Rome, CEO of Blue Star Jets in New York, lost it. Carole, he explains, had moved to Florida, married Crist, and abandoned their teenage daughters, Jessica and Skylar. She hadn't returned any of their letters, texts, phone calls — nothing, he says. She simply dissolved into the Florida ether with Crist.

For a moment, in front of that cupcake shop on 57th Street, they all looked at each other, unsure. Then, Rome says, the couple immediately fled in separate directions. So Rome threw down his cupcakes and bolted after the former governor, yelling, "You have no balls! You're a lowlife! Why won't you stop and confront me?"

Crist, Rome says, evaded the confrontation by disappearing into a subway tunnel. "He's a piece of shit," says Rome, who has since remarried. "My kids were in the way of their lifestyle, and Charlie has never had a child, so he doesn't want them. He married a woman with two children and then walked away. A people person? He's a piece of shit."

Crist's political mentor, his father, comes in for some pretty harsh treatment for his segregationist past as well. If you despise Crist, you'll love this piece.

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Geeeeeez Mr. Rome, I think I know your problem. If Charlie Crist is more of a man than you are... I guess the old saying is true here,you are what you eat Cupcake!!!


Seem to me his beef should be with his ex-wife, afterall she is the mother of the children and should be the one making the decisions as to how the relationship with her childred continues.


Well, at least we know why his ex divorced him.

That said, he was right about Crist. :)

Rockin Ray

I think Lisa Greer and her kid's spent alot of time with Carole and her Kid's , wonder what Lisa might say about how the kid's were treated by Carole and Jim's ex best buddy Charlie Crist. Someone should ask Mrs Greer!

Jack Lee

Sorry Charlie
You will lose to Scott ! Ghetto Dems dont vote in mid terms
Scott is an incumbent just like Obama was.He will win :)
Florida Republicans are extreamly strong

Keep Florida Free
Rick Scott 2014

John N Florida

First, can we admit the author obviously has his/her own agenda here?
Second, jmwoods is exactly correct; if there's a beef, it's with the ex-wife - but the author's bias mitigates even that thought.
Third, it will take a Fatal Hear Attack on election day to prevent ANY opponent of the Thief in Chief from winning the election.
I'd even go so far as to expect even the dead body would still beat Tricky Ricky.
Gerrymandering can keep the legislature Republican but it can not save Scott form his own disastrous term in office.

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