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FL Health News: Rick Scott (intentionally?) touting false Medicaid-Obamacare numbers

Florida Health News:

Gov. Rick Scott keeps repeating Medicaid-expansion cost estimates that he knows are wrong, according to a series of e-mails among state officials obtained by Health News Florida.

Gov. Rick Scott says he opposes expanding Florida Medicaid because it would cost too much: $63 billion over 10 years, he says, with the state paying $26 billion of that.

But those numbers are based on a flawed report, state budget analysts say. A series of e-mails obtained by Health News Florida shows the analysts warned Scott’s office the numbers were wrong weeks ago, but he is still using them. He cited them in a Tampa Bay Times op-ed on Sunday and at at a Washington press conference on Monday (see YouTube video).

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can't take anymore

Lying, concealing the facts, bamboozling his opposition and ignoring the law are all simply fundamental aspects of the business model Rick Scott has used for his entire working life. How can he be expected to change these habits just because he bought the office of Florida governor? Don't expect any deviation from this in his campaign for re-election.

FL Citizen

Wow. More deceit from the Scott administration. Even Eric Pridgeon, who works for a conservative body, has recognized that Federal funding should be counted in the estimates. What excuses does Rick Scott have left?


what do you expect he is not doing right for the floridians and he was in deep trouble before someone wake up before he hurts all of Florida's people and people go without everything ignoring the law wake up and hire charlie criss before we all get in nursning homes all

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